Responsible Adult Feelings

Open Woodland
Below Lantern Waste, a large open wooded area stretches from here all the way to the northern border of Narnia. Unlike in regions further north, this ground does not appear to be well-travelled, allowing a considerable growth of brush and a fair amount of trees. Moreover, it’s surprisingly quiet. The only audible noises are the occasional bird call and the rustling of small creatures dodging and scurrying their way through the brush.
You see no obvious way out.
Contents: A deer; A deer; and Zulic <FAINTED>.

You see the limp body of Zulic. He has fainted.

You pick up Zulic.

You enter the wolf den. The den is a dark place with rocks, cool to the touch, jutting from the floor. Despite the cold feel to it, the den is strangely comforting and familiar. The floor is barren save for a few mossy piles scattered here or there.

A small entrance to the east leads out to a clearing.
You can go: Out of the Cave <E>
Contents: [ 1] A wolf with piercing blue eyes; [ 1] A wolf with sharp features; [ 1] Eirwyn; [ 1] Glyn; [ 1] Grivar; [ 1] Hafsa; [ 1] Nevarre; [ 1] Nieve; [ 1] Pheeobe; [ 1] Remulus; [ 6] A dead deer; [ 8] A dead fox; [24] A dead mouse; [43] A dead rabbit; [63] A dead squirrel; [ 4] A large leather pack; [1] A Leather Satchel; [ 1] A rabbitskin; [ 3] A small, velvet bag; [ 1] Bundle of Rope; [ 3] Glass Bottle; [ 1] Lantern; [1] Money Pouch; [ 1] Quiver; and [ 1] Waterskin.

You set down Zulic.

Zulic slowly wakes up.

This is a dark, warm cave, much larger than the root shelter. You can hear the slow breathing of multiple other wolves sleeping all around you, and voices of more wolves filter in from the cave entrance. Zulic is laid in a small hollow in the dirt floor, filled with dried leaves and covered over with a worn deerskin that looks to have been tanned by human or dwarven hands to create a soft nest that smells like Caileana. It seems to be a personal sleeping area.

Caileana is laid down within paw’s reach, her nose on her paws, watching Zulic worriedly.

A wolf with red brown fur and golden eyes seems strained, but he really is breathing steadily. His eyes flash open briefly and he smells the host of various wolves and starts up, but slouches down a bit, going about it all a bit too hurried. He rests a breath and then bolts forward, but he has no idea where he is going.

Caileana sticks a paw out in front of him so that he’s bound to run into it chest first.

A wolf with red brown fur and golden eyes oofs as he runs full length into the paw right at the end of his chest. He almost tumbles over and his head snaps to the side in a growl. His ears back, he moves away and begins a steady lope to the outside of the cave, or at least aims there.

Caileana picks him up by the scruff of the neck and deposits him back in her nest. She sits down in front of him. “Kid, I don’t know what you’re running from, but I’m not going to hurt you, and I’d really appreciate the chance to check you over now that you’re awake so I know you’re not actually hurt.”

A wolf with red brown fur and golden eyes growls and goes low to the ground.

Caileana rolls her eyes. “Ruddy Lion’s paws, pup, you have got to be kidding me. Believe it or not, I do have other things to do with my time besides make sure you don’t try to kill yourself. But this? You and me? If you think you can outrun me, or outlast me, in Lantern Waste or the Shuddering Woods, you have got another thing coming. I am the Guardian of Ulfden, runt.”

A wolf with red brown fur and golden eyes notes her words and he shrinks a little at the rebuttal, but he is still very much defiant towards her.

Caileana pulls her lips back from her fangs in a silent, warning snarl. “Sit down.”

A wolf with red brown fur and golden eyes hesitantly pulls up his forelegs into a sitting position.

Caileana relaxes. “Thank you.” She shifts forward without standing and sniffs him from a safe distance. “Now, did you just faint from hunger and general exhaustion, or does something hurt?”

A wolf with red brown fur and golden eyes looks back at her and stays silent, locking eyes with her but intent on not giving anything away.

Caileana rolls her eyes again. “Right.” She swipes a waterskin and a rabbit carcass forward with one paw, which have been sitting right next to where she was laying when the pup woke up. “Eat. Drink,” she orders.

A wolf with red brown fur and golden eyes suckles at the waterskin first, draining it quickly, and then tears away the fur of the rabbit before eating the rabbit itself. He then looks back to her.

Caileana grooms her paws as he does this. “You got a name? Or am I going to have to just call you Red?”

A wolf with red brown fur and golden eyes mumbles more to himself than to her, “Zulic.”

Caileana looks surprised at being actually answered, and rather pleased. “You still hungry, Zulic?”

Zulic lays down and rest his heads on his paws.

Caileana gets up and fetches another rabbit from a cache of them nearby, half-buried in the den floor and packed with snow. She sets this by his head and then lays down. “Should I be sending my Scouts to look for rogues that might be related to you, Zulic?” she asks, her tone gentling.

Zulic sighs inwardly and stays there, sniffing at the ground before him.

Caileana looks over her shoulder as another Wolf approaches. They speak quietly for a moment, Caileana addressing the younger Wolf only by the title of ‘Scout’ and the Scout giving a simple report on the status of the northern border. Caileana nods, and after a few moments she paws the empty waterskin over to the new Wolf. The Scout takes it between her teeth by the strap and goes away.

Zulic makes to get up, clearly deciding that it is high time to get outside again.

Caileana doesn’t try to stop him this time, just gets up and follows.

Zulic heads to the exit of the cave, taking everything in as he goes but clearly going outside.

Ulfden Clearing
You stand in the midst of a clearing in the woods. Tall trees surround you on all sides, with a wooded hill looming over you to the west. Little sunlight streams through the foliage of the trees above. Rocks jut from the ground and hill, giving the clearing a wilder look. Jutting out of the wooded hill to the west is a rocky overhang casting a slight shadow around the entrance to what seems like a cave. A scraggily wolf pads back and forth before the entrance, glancing your way.

The clearing ends in a rock path leading through scattered trees to the east. A small cave entrance dwells underneath the overhang to the west.
You can go: In the Cave <W>, East <E>
Contents: Zulic and Beo.

Beo swings his head around and glowers down at Zulic as he passes through the den entrance. He gives Caileana a questioning look as she comes up behind them. She shakes her head, tail raising slightly, and touches noses with Beo before passing him by.

Zulic glances to the wolf but defiantly and keeps on moving to the woods.

Rock Path to Ulfden
The rocky path leads you out of the lonely moors of the north and into a more wooded area. The tall, thin trees line each side casting a serene feeling along the path. To the west of the path the trees grow more densely, displaying a wooded area with many paw prints leading in and out. To the east lies a small clearing in the woods laying before a large wooded hill.

The path fades out to a clearing to the west and continues to the northwest.
You can go: West <W>, Northwest <NW>
Contents: Zulic.

Caileana pads after Zulic, casting a glance at the sky as it begins to snow again. She shakes out a few flakes from her fur with a sigh, and then ignores it.

Zulic sits down for a moment even in the snow and looks about.

Caileana says, “Ulfden itself is a decent clip north of the most lived in areas of the Waste,” motioning back to the clearing with the den with her nose.

Zulic decides to trail down the rock path to the north west intent of gathering a feeling for where they are.

Rocky Path
The rocky path is well-worn and well-traveled. The stones are smoothed away from years of use and differ from the rocks scattered on either side of the path. To the south, a wooded hill looms over the path blocking much view in that direction. On the other side of the path, to the north, lonely, rocky moors exist under permanent whisps of fog. The shadow from the cliffs to the west still looms over this region casting a lonely feel to the area.

The path bends around the hill to the southeast. It also stretches towards the cliffs to the west.
You can go: Southeast <SE>, West <W>
Contents: Zulic.

Caileana slogs along after him.

Zulic lopes down the path looking about as they go.

At the Edge of Lantern Waste
The terrain here is rocky and somewhat barren. There are windclipped evergreen trees here, their branches mostly bare and spindly with sparse clumps of needles sticking out at odd angles. They give way to the denser forests of Lantern Waste to the southeast, and to the north they give way to lonely, rocky moors that exist under permanent whisps of fog. It’s a lonely place, very quiet, and a bit chilly. The great cliffs of the west rise up not too far in that direction, and their shadow falls across this region.

You can continue following the woods to the northeast, or follow the cliffs southward.
You can go: East <E>, South <S>, Northeast <NE>
Contents: Zulic.

There’s not much to see in this part of the Waste. There’s a pretty good layer of snow on the ground, and some trees, and a giant cliff to the west. There’s wolf tracks from the other members of Ulfden coming and going, but no sign of any prey of any kind.

Zulic decides to follow the tracks towards the south.

At the Base of the Western Cliffs
You stand at the base of cliffs so tall you can only barely make out where they stop and the sky begins above you. The forest presses close against them here, making this area cool and shady. A large cave opening yawns into the side of the cliff, the path leading in tilting sharply downward and disappearing from view almost immediately. To the east, a path winds through the trees, leading to the large clearing that makes up the Gathering Circle.
You can go: Gathering Circle <E>, North <N>, Cave <W>
Contents: Zulic.

Zulic runs for a while onwards, looking about till he nears a cave entrance. He glances to her before pawing towards it, sniffing at the ground.

Caileana follows him, not quite as alert as she would be if she were actively patrolling, but she does pause and sniff at the base of a tree, her eyes brightening for a moment. She looks up and catches sight of Zulic heading towards the Lists, then moves after him with one last sniff.

Zulic pads into the cavern, glancing around, but moving quite fast for one exploring

The Cavern of the Lists
The Cavern of the Lists is clearly dwarfs’ work. What was probably initially a moderately-sized cave running into the western cliffs has been hewn out into a much larger chamber, carefully braced with thick wood struts, and hung about with iron lanterns in bracers on the walls. There is a large cavern opening at the far side, leading into the main list. A large bear stands next to it, dozing cheerfully. A smaller opening to the south leads into the training lists, while a third, to the northwest, leads to the gallery.

The cave opens to the east, leading outside. This opening is not nearly as clean cut as others. Indeed, it looks smashed in, not like the rest of nicely shaped room at all.
You can go: List Cavern <W>, Gallery <NW>, Practice List <S>, Out <E>
Contents: Zulic and Combat Tournament Kiosk.

Zulic looks around the cave surprised, “And why is the pack not here?”

Caileana moves her gaze away from the part of the ceiling near the entrance that still looks caved in and to the pup. “These are the Lists, for target training and formal combat,” she says. “Dwarf-made for that purpose, not for Wolves. And,” she glowers at the ceiling once more, “it’s not safe enough for a den.”

Zulic pads around the center, looking about into the other rooms before deciding to head outside again.

At the Base of the Western Cliffs
You stand at the base of cliffs so tall you can only barely make out where they stop and the sky begins above you. The forest presses close against them here, making this area cool and shady. A large cave opening yawns into the side of the cliff, the path leading in tilting sharply downward and disappearing from view almost immediately. To the east, a path winds through the trees, leading to the large clearing that makes up the Gathering Circle.
You can go: Gathering Circle <E>, North <N>, Cave <W>
Contents: Zulic.

Caileana continues to follow him, though she watches Zulic more closely now that they’ve been traveling for some time and distance, perhaps monitoring in case he seems likely to pass out again.

Zulic heads down a well traveled path to the east. The one thing he doesn’t seem to be doing much today is tiring, loping on at a steady pace as always.

Gathering Circle
What a sweet place you have wandered to. The forest trees here are scattered across a soft meadow of heather and wildflowers, and the sun dapples the ground through the leaves above. This is a wide section of earth, and it seems to be a gathering place–indeed, there is a ring of stones in one side of the open clearing where it seems fires have been built over many nights. To the south, a worn path leads to the Caldron Pool and the waterfall that feeds it. You can also see a path leading west toward the cliff-face. To the east the path leads into the deeper forests of Lantern Waste.
You can go: Clearing <N>, Into Lantern Waste <E>, Caldron Pool <S>, Base of the Cliffs <W>
Contents: An otter with brown fur and a sparkle in the eye and Zulic.

Caileana blinks snow out of her eyes and sniffs about them more deliberately as they get into the more well-traveled areas of the Waste.

Zulic hears the roaring of the waterfall and looks towards there. “What is there?”

You say, “Caldron Pool. Big waterfall that comes down from the western cliffs and feeds into a pool. It’s where the Great River starts.”

Zulic hmms, “The Big river starts here?” he asks curiously, but he tries to sound passive more than anything else.

Caileana mm-hmms, starting that way without waiting for him this time. “Something to see, Caldron Pool,” she says over her shoulder.

Caldron Pool(#270R/GKLM)
The best word for this spot might be grandiose. To the west water roars from a fall, where a river somewhere in the western wilds crashes over Narnia’s western border-cliffs to form the great, churning Caldron pool, deep and cold. The path at the edge of the pool forks three ways: east, to follow along the bank of the Great River, north, toward the Gathering Circle and the forest homes, and south fording the relatively small ‘river’ where it continues curving around to the southern side of the pool.
You can go: The Gathering Circle <N>, Along the Great River <E>, South side of the Pool <S>

Zulic arrives from the north.

Caileana wanders down to the pool’s edge and laps at the water.

Zulic follows her pace quickly, running directly behind her in file.

Caileana looks up after she’s had a drink, water dripping from her maw, and swings her head to look at the waterfall.

Zulic drinks some of the water as well and looks to her, watching the waterfall as well for a moment before glancing to the denser parts of the forest.

Caileana follows his gaze, ear pricking alertly. “What?”

Zulic shrugs with his hackles up, glancing to her.

Caileana scents the air, and not noticing anything other than small animals of prey, rolls her shoulders in a shrug and lowers her head for another drink.

Zulic lays down beside her, watching the opposite side of the pool.

Caileana steps back from the edge a bit and sits beside him. “Doing okay?”

Zulic hmms a low but not unfriendly growl.

Caileana gives an amused sort of snort. “I’m going to take that as a yes.”

Zulic gets up and decides it’s time to go exploring some more. He heads off towards the woods.

Riverbank, Northeast of Beaversdam
You stand at the eastern edge of Lantern Waste, on the northern bank of the Great River. To the west, the dense foliage of the Waste forest makes the riverbank path shady and cool, while to the east and south, Narnia opens into magnificent rolling plains.

The Great River is dammed here by a large assemblage of logs. The dam appears to be sturdy and juts out across the water to the southwest to a charming little mound in the very center of the river. The spillover is constant, but the dam appears to be wide enough to walk on provided one doesn’t mind wet feet.

The riverbank path continues eastward downstream, and follows the riverbank westward into Lantern Waste.
You can go: Beaversdam <SW>, Downstream <SE>, Upstream <W>
Contents: Zulic.

Caileana follows him downstream along the icy riverbank.

Zulic lopes along the riverbank, his nose low to the ground for the most part, and every now and then he looks to the other bank as well as deeper into the woods. “Where does the river go?”

You say, “Through all of Narnia until it empties out into the ocean on the eastern shore.”

Zulic hmms and seems determined. He continues along the bank at a steady pace.

At a Fork in the Great River (Northwest Bank)
You stand on a jutting precipice that makes up the northeast bank of the Great River. Below, the river itself runs wide and deep, its waters clear and bright in the steady sunshine as it flows downward into a deep river valley to the south.

A much smaller stream from the north joins the river here, draining down from between two grassy hills in the distance. The riverbank path fords the stream as it continues southward through the rolling hills of the Great Plains. Upstream, the Great River bends to the west toward a forest in the distance.
You can go: Up the Smaller Stream <N>, Downstream <S>, Upstream <NW>
Contents: Zulic.

You ask, “Are you looking for something?”

Zulic shakes his head, “I want to go that way.”

You ask, “Which way?”

Zulic looks down the river and nods in that direction, “To the end.”

You say, “That’s a 3 day journey in good weather, more like 5 this time of year.”

Zulic shrugs, “So?”

Caileana says, “So, you try to do that alone, at your age and speed and with no knowledge of the terrain, you’re going to freeze to death, let alone get lucky to catch anything you can eat.” She scratches an ear with a hindpaw. “Why do you wanna go all the way to the end?”

Zulic shrugs, “I want to.”

Caileana narrows her eyes at him. “That’s an insufficient reason, pup.”

Zulic looks to her and tilts his head, “Why?”

Caileana wrinkles up her muzzle. “‘Cause you went and appeared in Ulfden territory and now I’ve got Responsible Adult feelings I’ve got to deal with, and those do not permit the allowance of life-threatening choices for reasons of ‘it sounded good.'”

Pheeobe trots toward you from upstream, following the riverbank.

Zulic hmpfs, “And half way?”

Caileana stands on the riverbank with a strange wolf pup that looks to be under a year old. There is snow falling again, adding to the what’s already on the ground. She grumbles, “Similar problems apply, clearly. Besides, like you would reach the Fords of Beruna and actually say ‘you know what, I think I’d like to stop here.’ I already know you would keep dragging your oversized paws onward through the snow when you thought I wasn’t looking. Cheeky.”

Pheeobe limps towards the precipice and stops humming to herself to answer, “Who is being cheeky?”

Zulic breathes out in an annoyed manner and looks to the side, sitting down in the snow and looking around.

Caileana twitches an ear and looks over at the sound of Pheeobe’s approach. “Ah. Scout.” She nods in greeting.

Pheeobe smiles toothily in response, “Caileana.” She looks over to the pup and her tail wags. “Who are you?”

Zulic glances her over and then goes back to glancing about, “Zulic.” he says curtly.

Caileana sits down. “Zulic here isn’t especially forthcoming,” she says. “Oh! But he gave you his name, and it didn’t take 24 hours. We /are/ making progress.”

You say, “Zulic, this is Pheeobe, one of Ulfden’s Scouts.”

Pheeobe ahs, “Well nice to meet you, Zulic.” She sits down, “You training him up, Caileana?”

Caileana sniffs. “More like trying to keep him from passing out from exhaustion and malnutrition, again.” She looks to Pheeobe. “You tracked any other rogues through the Waste on any of your patrols, Scout?”

Zulic nods to her in greeting before simply laying down and watching his surroundings.

Pheeobe shakes her head, “No. Should I be on the lookout for them?”

Pheeobe glances to Zulic.

Caileana gives Zulic a pointed look. “Can’t really say.”

Zulic looks away and gets up to pad over to the river’s edge. He prods at the ice with a paw.

Virika trots toward you from upstream, following the riverbank.

Pheeobe watches Zulic with a small grin and whispers to Caileana, “Is he part of the pack?”

Caileana is sitting near to the river bank. There’s several inches of snow on the ground and more falling. Pheeobe is nearby, with a wolf pup poking at the ice on the edge of the river. Caileana tells Pheeobe, “Near as I can tell, he doesn’t have a pack or a family, so…maybe? I’ve got to convince him not to run off into a blizzard, and clear it with the Alphas.”

Zulic starts leaning his full weight on his two forepaws to try and break the ice and when even that is not enough, he starts looking around. He finds a small-ish rock and pries it loose to use it as a point. He jumps at it and with a crash breaks through the new ice into about an inch of water, shaking his head and backing up a bit.

Caileana startles to her paws and is halfway to Zulic before she realizes he’s only fallen into an inch of water. She lets out a soft grumbling growl and gets close enough to him to bully him back from the water’s edge. “Kid, you’re going to give me a heart attack.”

Virika follows a trail through the snow, tracking a scent and set of footprints.

Zulic recovers quite quickly and moves back a bit, but he doesn’t seem to like being bullied back, resisting that, showing his teeth a bit. He’s not happy to be pushed around.

Pheeobe backs away, “He will learn the hard way I suppose.” She mumbles something under her breath grinning to herself.

Pheeobe mumbles “… fun way”, to Pheeobe.

Caileana rolls her eyes at the pup and bops him on the nose with a paw before brushing past him to go sit by Pheeobe again. “If you fall in the river, I /will/ fish you out, and I won’t be happy about it,” she warns.

Caileana pulls her lips away from her teeth in a grin and tells Pheeobe, “Don’t you start.”

Virika takes a seat from the edge of the treeline and watches the scene intently.

Zulic glares at her after the bop and turns away to walk back the way they came. But he sticks near the water’s edge.

Pheeobe grins, puppyish, at Caileana. “What?” She then turns and looks, spotting Virika. “Well hello!”

Caileana watches Zulic move away, but she seems satisfied with his added caution.

Zulic walks onto the ice a bit when he spots a branch frozen tight into the sheet. He heads over and noses it carefully.

Virika grins and nods to Pheeobe. “Hello.”

Virika gestures with her nose to the wolf. “Who’s this?”

Caileana nods her head to Virika. “Hunter.” She looks to Zulic, than back to Virika, and rolls her shoulders in a shrug. “Says his name is Zulic.”

Virika nods to Caileana. “Guardian.”

Zulic doesn’t find the wood too interesting, so he heads off towards a bush which he only briefly looks over before laying down for a quick nap.

Caileana watches Zulic lay down with sharp eyes and then stands and shakes a decent accumulation of snow out of her fur. She pads over to Virika.

Virika glances at the Wolf, “You might want to dig a bit or risk freezing.”

Pheeobe watches Caileana and then looks to Zulic before following her over.

Caileana makes a grumbly noise deep in her throat. “/Thank/ you,” she tells Virika, looking vindicated.

Zulic already has his eyes shut and head curled on his forepaws, breathing lightly as the snow piles up around him.

Virika tilts her head to the side, studying Zulic before looking to Caileana. “Does he speak?”

Pheeobe sighs and puts some brush around the pup before coming over closer. “He does talk. But he doesn’t like to?” She looks to Caileana.

Caileana wrinkles her muzzle. “Not much. I tracked him from the Gathering Circle to the Shuddering Woods yesterday, and then I had to follow him around for hours because he kept trying to run away from me and wouldn’t say anything. When he did finally talk, he said the kill I gave him was the first thing he’d had in two days. I got him into the root shelter down there over night, and then this morning he’d run off. I found him passed out in the snow, got him back to the den for now, but he wasn’t keen to stay there either. He won’t answer any questions about whether or not he’s got any family. I didn’t scent any other rogues at all, though, around the southern border, and the northern border’s been reported as clear, so it doesn’t look promising.”

Virika hms softly. She stands and pads over to him, nosing some snow away. She sits down next to him, close enough to provide some warmth. “I see.”

Zulic glances over to the new wolf and moves away a paw’s reach before closing his eyes again.

Virika glances at Caileana and grins. She moves a paw reach over toward him.

Caileana’s shoulders shake with suppressed mirth. She gets up and moves towards the two of them, laying down between Zulic and the direction the wind is (mostly) blowing, as she has been doing.

Pheeobe smiles at all of them but keeps her distance, wrapping her tail around herself.

Caileana props her head on her paws and tells Virika softly, “Oh, I found some deer tracks on our way down from the den. Reckon we could take a group of Hunters out for a fresh kill today if we wanted. It looked like it was going for the northwest woods.”

Zulic decides that he has rested long enough and gets up to go and trot towards the woods, away from the river.

Virika gives a small nod. “I can arrange that.”

Caileana gets to her paws with an expression of long-suffering. “Thank you, Hunter.”

Pheeobe smiles at Virika. “I am free. I haven’t been hunting with the pack in some time.”

Zulic stumbles upon the stream and lopes alongside it, heading northward, and he doesn’t really make any provision to wait for the others

Caileana shakes out her fur again, grumbling. “I’ll just…” she motions after Zulic with her nose. “I’m not convinced he’s not going to faint again,” she mutters.

Virika chuckles softly and nods.

Virika looks to Pheeobe, “You can hunt with me.”

Pheeobe smiles at Virika. “Oh I am excited.” Shaking out she watches the pup, “Faint?”

Caileana has padded after the pup, and so misses Pheeobe’s last question.

Along the Northern Stream
You find yourself standing beside a small stream in a valley between two small, green hills. The streambank is a little overgrown, but the ground is packed down in places, giving one the impression that there must have been a road of some kind here. The sky above is clear and bright, with a cheerful sun shining overhead, but there is still an slight, cool breeze blowing past you. It seems to come from the north.

The streambank continues north toward a larger hill. To the south, you can see where the little waterway meets the Great River.
You can go: Upstream <N>, Toward the Great River <S>
Contents: Zulic.

Zulic trudges onwards upstream, glancing to the two hills and speeding up to a good lope.

Caileana moves along after him unhurriedly.

Along the Northern Stream
You stand alongside a small stream in the midst of some VERY hilly country. To the east and south, little rises and valleys roll like stationary waves on a great, grassy ocean, with trees and bushes scattered on them like leafy boats. To the east and north, the trees of Lantern Waste cast mottled shadows across the stream. at your feet flows down from the north, continuing on its way southward toward the Great River in the distance. Across it, two particularly large hills meet in a shallow valley. An overgrown path leads eastward into it, and beyond are hints of grey stone and clear spaces. A cool breeze blows from the east, rustling the leaves of a beech tree that sits here near the stream.

The streambank continues both north and south from here. Crossing the stream and heading west also appears to be fairly easy going.
You can go: Into Lantern Waste <W>, Follow the Overgrown Path <E>, Downstream <S>
Contents: Zulic.

Zulic glances over to the flagstones of what seems to be a path and scents that direction, but decides to head westwards back towards the trees.

Rocky Valley
This is the bottom of a shallow valley in Lantern Waste. Soft, mossy turf springs up amidst the rocky ground and thin forest. Boulders sit here and there among the trees, like great, reddish-brown eggs. A particularly large boulder sits on one side of the valley, half-buried in the ground. The air here is cooler than up above, and it appears that at one time this might have been a creekbed. Fortunately, it is quite dry now.

The ground rises all around you. It is shallowest to the east.
You can go: North <N>, East <E>, South <S>, West <W>
Contents: Zulic; A squirrel; and A Very Large Boulder.

Caileana cracks a yawn and quickens her pace enough to nearly catch up to him.

Zulic bounds along westwards, glancing to the boulder, but continues on.

At the Lamp-Post
You stand in the very heart of Lantern Waste, at the base of the lamp-post that gave this area its name. The clearing here is not particularly large, but there is a strange, almost eerie quality about it. The air is calm — quiet even — as if there is some reverence surrounding the lamp that even the environs respect.

The lamp is lit, casting a warm glow across the glade. Who lit it and how it remains lit is a mystery, but it shows no signs of faltering. To the south, you can hear the distant sounds of flowing water. A faint path leads through the trees to the east and west.
You can go: East <E>, To the River <S>, West <W>
Contents: Zulic; A Lamp-Post {lit}; and

Pheeobe comes trotting out of the trees to the east.

Zulic lopes into the clearing and slows as it starts to get darker and the lantern stands out. He looks to the red Wolf and then slowly approaches the lantern.

Caileana offers a faint smile as she slows before the lantern. “Ah yes, the region’s namesake,” she says, looking up at it.

Zulic still seems confused and really a bit off put by the unearthly light.

Pheeobe comes behind them slowly. “It is a bit…unusual.” She grins at Caileana and then goes quiet, observing.

Caileana sits down. “They say it’s been here since the beginning of Narnia, that it grew out of the ground like a tree. Who can say, really, though it lights itself each night and there is something definitely magical about it.”

Zulic makes a big circle around it and continues the westward lope, heading on.

Lantern Waste
You stand among the trees of Lantern Waste, the forested region that stands where, according to lore, Narnia first began. As if to testify to the truth of this legend, there is life abundant everywhere you see. The trees seem to murmur to each other in the breeze, fruit grows abundant, and forest creatures seem to be everywhere.

A large oak tree grows here, towering to dizzying heights above you. Its lowest branches, though small, actually appear to be easy enough to climb. The path branches northward here toward a pretty little stand of trees just beyond it. Another faint path leads east, past the oak and deeper into the Waste.
You can go: North <N>, East <E>, West <W>
Contents: Zulic and A rabbit.

Zulic slows when the forest becomes a bit denser and turns northward

Ulfden Clearing
You stand in the midst of a clearing in the woods. Tall trees surround you on all sides, with a wooded hill looming over you to the west. Little sunlight streams through the foliage of the trees above. Rocks jut from the ground and hill, giving the clearing a wilder look. Jutting out of the wooded hill to the west is a rocky overhang casting a slight shadow around the entrance to what seems like a cave. A scraggily wolf pads back and forth before the entrance, glancing your way.

The clearing ends in a rock path leading through scattered trees to the east. A small cave entrance dwells underneath the overhang to the west.
You can go: In the Cave <W>, East <E>
Contents: Zulic and Beo.

Pheeobe comes trotting towards you from the east.

Caileana lopes along at Zulic’s side.

Pheeobe follows along, humming to herself.

Zulic sits down a bit aways from Beo and looks to Caileana.

Caileana looks up at the darkening sky and the now faster falling snow and sits down by Zulic. “You tired yet?”

Pheeobe goes and sits next to Beo, giving him a grin, but her ears stay turned to the other two.

Zulic asks, “It was time to go back?”

Caileana rolls her shoulders in a shrug. “Good enough for me.”

Zulic lays down where he is, not intent on really going inside.

Caileana points her nose at the overhang by the den entrance, where Beo and Pheeobe are sitting. “You know, that keeps the snow off.”

Zulic shrugs as best he can lying down.

Caileana observes, “I think you just like being obstinate for the sake of being obstinate.”

Pheeobe watches Caileana and the pup with Beo and scoots over a little.

Zulic curls up as he is used to and closes his eyes where he is.

Caileana grumbles under her breath and zooms around him, pushing snow up with her nose until it forms a low barrier just taller than he is to keep in his body heat.

Caileana then hops up onto her favorite flat rock and watches Zulic sleep for a while. When the temperature drops significantly as all light disappears, and Zulic begins to look particularly cold, she sighs and hops down and noses him. “Pup. Come in the den. It’s too cold out here.”

Pheeobe watches the pup and encourages him, “There is a lot of food in there…”

Zulic opens his eyes to a slit and watches her, not moving any of the snow that covers him but just watching.

Caileana nudges him again, more firmly. “Up. You can sleep by the entrance if it makes you feel better.”

Zulic produces a low growl and the snow breaks around his snout when he bares his teeth.

Caileana blinks at him, unfazed.

Pheeobe laughs and goes inside.

Zulic doesn’t move

Caileana growls at him.

Zulic growls back at the same intensity as before.

Caileana glares, and then lays down so close as to be nearly on top of him, which has the effect of her curling into him. The hollow she has made in the snow around him immediately begins to warm.

Zulic nips her and pointedly moves away.

Caileana shuffles after him, stubbornly.

Zulic turns towards her and growls, trying to push her off.

Caileana sets her rather heavier head on his back.

Zulic oofs and falls flat, surprised more than anything, but not much he can do either.

Caileana licks his ear, half apologetic and half ornery.

Zulic scrunches his snout and growls at the lick.

Caileana’s whole body vibrates as she chuckles.

Zulic tries to push up against her weight.

Caileana asks him, unmoving, “You going in the den?”

Zulic still growls and seems to not show interest in the least in entering the den.

Caileana says, “All right,” and flops over more onto him.

Zulic squirms away from under her.

Caileana lets him go, but the look she gives him seems to indicate she will be following if he moves out of their hollow in the snow.

Zulic seems thoroughly unhappy with the current arrangement and curls his back towards her.

Caileana seems less interested in his happiness and more interested in his health. She presses closer to him, no longer sharing her body heat directly but moving close enough that their fur brushes when she breathes in.

Zulic uncurls so he can get the extra space from her.

Caileana remains close.