Visitor and Friends

Caldron Pool(#270R/GKLM)
The best word for this spot might be grandiose. To the west water roars from a fall, where a river somewhere in the western wilds crashes over Narnia’s western border-cliffs to form the great, churning Caldron pool, deep and cold. The path at the edge of the pool forks three ways: east, to follow along the bank of the Great River, north, toward the Gathering Circle and the forest homes, and south fording the relatively small ‘river’ where it continues curving around to the southern side of the pool.
You can go: The Gathering Circle <N>, Along the Great River <E>, South side of the Pool <S>
Contents: A wolf with a white forepaw (Crenna); An eagle with a crested head
(Skarlieth); and A deer.

Skarlieth glances briefly at one of his wings before nodding. “I cannot speak to the ability of Peridot with any authority, though the Commander has shared her interest before. Calderain, however, I can give my personal account of her skill. I believe she would likely make a fine teacher.”

Crenna nods, “I hope to at least speak with her.” She shakes her head, “There is so much to learn.”

Skarlieth says, “Indeed.”

Caileana pads towards the Pool from the north, her face expressionless.

Crenna perks her ears towards the sound of movement. She turns and barks in greeting, “Hello there, Caileana.”

Skarlieth’s eyes flick towards the approaching Wolf as well, and he shifts to half-bow her way. “Hail, Caileana.”

Caileana’s ears lift at the greetings, and she pads towards them. “Hello, Crenna, Skarlieth,” she says with a faint smile and a nod.

Crenna sits down, “How do you fare today?”

Skarlieth remains quiet to let Caileana answer.

Caileana nods again. “Well, and the two of you?” She looks between them. “I hope I am not interrupting.”

Crenna shakes her head with a smile, “Not at all, we were just catching up. I am well.” She glances at the various plants by her paws, “Just studying.”

Skarlieth shakes his head. “We were simply discussing what brought Crenna to return. You are welcome to join us, if you desire.” He looks at the plants as Crenna does, eyes displaying no recognition of… well, any of them.

Caileana sits next to Crenna obligingly and casts her glance at the plants, looking about as blank as Skarlieth does. “Ah,” she says simply.

Crenna glances between the two before saying, “I am very glad that Pheeobe got promoted to scout.”

Skarlieth tips his head. “Did she indeed? I must endeavor to congratulate her…” he glances towards Caileana. “And yourself, as well.”

Caileana smiles, only a marginally wider smile than before. “Thank you. She certainly earned it.”

Crenna nods, “Yes, she does.” She chuckles, “It is amazing how many things have changed in the past few months.”

Skarlieth makes a noncommittal sort of bob with his head.

Caileana’s gaze goes out over the Pool. “Indeed.”

Crenna glances at Caileana, “So, how have you been, Caileana? I believe the last time we talked was last fall.”

Caileana looks back. “I can’t comlain. It’s been quiet, peaceful, mostly. Just helping with Pheeobe’s training and my duties. Perhaps lends itself to a bit much time inside my head, but I stay busy to counteract that. Thinking too much is a curse.” She laughs, lightly, but it seems like she’s probably not completely joking.

Skarlieth clacks his beak a time or two, agreeing, “Indeed.”

Crenna glances at her paws, “Yes, overthinking can ruin-” A pause, “can be bad sometimes.”

Caileana gives Crenna a brief sympathetic look.

Skarlieth’s glances is not quite so brief (nor, let’s be honest, sympathetic) as he examines the small Wolf. He dips his head quietly.

Crenna glances up as it becomes quietly. She smirks faintly, “Though as one who over thinks a lot, I have found that physical activity is the best to curb it.”

You say, “I tend to agree. Although I have overdone that in the past as well.”

Skarlieth says, “Any extreme can become dangerous. Unfortunately, it seems to be a lesson each must learn upon their own. Multiple times.”

Crenna hehs, “Unfortunately so.”

Caileana smirks, and nods.

Crenna looks around the group, chuckling, “Well look at us being all gloomy.”

Skarlieth says in a wry tone, “A fine greeting for you, Crenna. I can only hope that others were able to provide a more joyful one.”

Caileana’s muzzle wrinkles, pulling her lips away from her teeth in a close approximation to a grin. “Hardly unusual, I must admit.”

Crenna grins, “In fact, they were. I had a wonderful welcoming committee greet me.” She glances at Caileana.

Caileana scratches an ear. “Yes, I was rather impressed with the thoughtfulness put into that. I was mostly along for the ride, I admit.”

Crenna grins, “It was nice seeing everyone at once. And meeting Remulus.”

Skarlieth clacks his beak again. “That is well. I only met him officially recently myself, and briefly at that.”

Caileana nods. “He keeps to himself, for the most part. You were a bit lucky to meet him.”

Crenna perks her ears, “Oh?”

You say, “I mean, he’s been in the pack since I was born, and I feel like I barely speak to him.”

Skarlieth tips his head. “I would have thought he might be closer to his pack. I assume there must be those within who are somewhat closer… though I do recall he seemed to be friendly with the Commander.”

Crenna hmms, “Yes, we have a few Wolves ourselves that I do not know that well. I haven’t even met a few since I joined after they left to go help the Majesties.”

Caileana tilts her head. “Really? That must be strange.” To Skarlieth she says, with a faint smile, “Hardly unusual, that.”

Skarlieth inclines his head to surrender the point.

Crenna grins, “Yes, hardly unusual.”

You say, “Petraverd could probably befriend a rock.”

Crenna chuckles, “True words.” She stands up, beginning to gather her plants, “I believe that I will retire for the evening. It was good talking to everyone.”

Caileana bobs her head. “Rest well, then, Crenna.”

Skarlieth half-bows once more. “I am glad to see you returned, Crenna. I hope we have the chance to speak again before long.”

Crenna smiles, “I hope so too.” She nods her head, “Good night, everyone,” before slipping off into the woods.

Caileana nods to her once more.

Skarlieth watches Crenna depart before looking towards Caileana. “How fares Ulfden? I have had little time to speak with any of your pack of late.”

You say, “I think I can safely say all is well.”

Skarlieth dips his head. “I am glad to hear such.” Glancing skyward, he shifts his wings. “However, I fear I must be upon my way; I have a patrol I must complete before the hour is out. It was good to speak with you, Caileana, if only briefly.”

Caileana nods. “Safe patrol to you, then.”

Skarlieth half-bows and takes off, soaring out over the Waste.

Shortly after…

Glyn comes trotting toward you across the pool.
Pheeobe comes trotting toward you across the pool.

Caileana lays at the Pool’s edge, her head on her paws. She appears to just be watching the water fall.

Glyn and Pheeobe approach together from the south, not talking very much, but still appearing to enjoy each other’s company.

Caileana, fixed with her eyes on the falls to the west, doesn’t appear to notice them. She lifts her head just enough to free a paw and bat at the water with it, sending small ripples out from the shore.

Glyn hesitates on spotting Caileana, and glances at Pheeobe a moment before approaching the pool. “Good evening, Cail.”

Pheeobe follows after and smiles towards Caileana. “Evening.”

Caileana’s ears flick, and she lifts her head higher to glance at them. “Oh. Evening, Scouts.” She pushes back into a seated position, giving them both a nod and a faint smile.

Glyn returns the smile, his head canted with curiosity. “Something on your mind?”

Pheeobe comes closer to Caileana and waits for her answer.

Caileana says, “Ah. Not as such. That is. Just some things Adara and I were speaking of last night. It is unimportant.”

Glyn nods. “Alright. Don’t let us disturb you if you’d rather be alone…”

Pheeobe nods to Glyn.

Caileana tips her head. “If I wanted to be alone, I wouldn’t remain in one of the most common meeting places in the Waste,” she says, offering a small smirk.

Glyn grins. “Very well then, I stand corrected.” He moves to the edge of the pool to take a drink.

Pheeobe laughs and then sits.

Caileana snorts, her muzzle twitching in amusement.

Glyn asks, “So what’s new? Anything interesting on patrols?”

Caileana yawns widely. “Not remotely, aside from Crenna being about.” She glances between them. “Anything new or interesting for you two?”

Pheeobe looke to Glyn and then shakes her head, smiling. “Nothing much.”

Glyn returns her look with a smile of his own. “Not really, no. I was able to congratulate Pheeobe on her promotion. At last. A week after the fact.”

Pheeobe shakes her head. “Not a week.”

Caileana snorts again. “Better late than never.” She smirks.

Glyn grins. “Those words have saved me more times than I can count. It helps that my packmates are so understanding.”

Pheeobe smiles at Glyn and then begins making marks in the dirt.

Caileana rolls her eyes and shoots an actual smile at Glyn.

Pheeobe eyes grow wide. “Wow…it was a week ago…”

Caileana teases, “Time flies when you have scouting duties to attend to.”

Pheeobe laughs. “I guess so!”

Pheeobe jumps up and down a little. “Oh Cail! I took down three foxes!”

Caileana blinks a few times. “Well done! That’s impressive for your first week.”

Pheeobe straightens up. “Thank you! It was fun…”

Glyn smiles at Pheeobe. “Addictive, isn’t it? Careful, Cail, you might have trained up a monster.”

Caileana chuckles. “So long as the monster side is aimed at our enemies and our prey, I think that was the goal.”

Pheeobe bears her teeth at Glyn playfully.

Glyn grins. “Point, Cail. Just remember your loyalties, Pheeobe.”

Caileana grins wolfishly, her tail sweeping.

Pheeobe laughs and nods her head. “Oh I will.”

Glyn says, “I remember when I was promoted, I think I overdid it with how much work I put into those stores.”

Caileana shrugs, “Eh, that’s not really possible, in my opinion.”

Pheeobe nods to Caileana. “Yep…it will all get eaten…even if it takes years and years.”

Glyn smiles. “I dunno. I seem to remember being told to settle down more than once.”

Caileana looks mildly appalled at the idea of years and years. “Ew. Gross. Hopefully not /that/ long. Everything would be rotten.” She glances at Glyn. “A common sentiment for our superiors to aim at us back then.”

Pheeobe shrugs. “I guess year and years is far too long…That is gross…”

Glyn exclaims, “You’d be surprised how quickly we go through the stores, especially when a pup was on the way!”

Caileana nods emphatically.

Pheeobe smiles. “I bet.

Glyn eyes Caileana. “So Pheeobe tells me that you evaluated her for promotion yourself?”

Caileana nods. “Yeah, the Alpha has been keeping busy lately, so I got the go ahead. It had been long enough in coming, I think they both felt that if I as her trainer was satisfied, they were too.”

Pheeobe nods. “I wouldn’t have anyone else…Honestly.”

Glyn says, “That’s impressive. I didn’t know that the Alpha’s delegated that responsibility ever. Quite a compliment to their faith in you, Cail.”

Caileana says softly, “Well, I don’t know about /that/,” but the tips of her ears go pink.

Pheeobe smiles at Glyn. “I think he is right.

Glyn smiles and shrugs. “Seems like an undeniable fact to me. And a great way to embarrass you in front of others. Excellent.”

Caileana rolls her eyes. “Very mature, Glyn.”

Glyn sniggers. “You complain when I’m stuffy, you complain when I act like a pup. There’s just no pleasing you.”

Caileana sticks her nose in the air. “I’m notoriously moody and think I’m above everyone else, didn’t you know.” The last half of this proclamation has marginally more bite, for some reason.

Pheeobe tilts her head but makes no comment.

Glyn laughs. “Well! Perhaps I’ll have to stay on watch to give you a reminder thump. Fair is fair, after all.”

Pheeobe smiles at Glyn but keeps her eyes on Caileana.

Caileana’s lips curl back from her fangs in a sort of smile.

Glyn grins and rises to all fours. “Well, I should bid you both good evening. It’s late, and I have to check on morning patrols.”

Pheeobe also gets up. “I think I will head out too…I am just tired. Care to join us, Caileana?”

Caileana glances between them. “Nah. I’m good. My first patrol isn’t until late morning. I think I’ll stay here for a while.”

A beat goes by before Glyn nods. “As you wish. Have a good evening, Caileana. Maybe we’ll see you back at the den?”

Caileana tips her head. “Well, yeah.”

Pheeobe frowns.

Pheeobe comes to Glyn’s side. “Night then…”

Glyn glances between the two she-wolves. “Good, I look forward to it. Goodnight.”

Caileana bows her head.