Obligatory Nevarre Lecture

Ulfden Clearing
You stand in the midst of a clearing in the woods. Tall trees surround you on all sides, with a wooded hill looming over you to the west. Little sunlight streams through the foliage of the trees above. Rocks jut from the ground and hill, giving the clearing a wilder look. Jutting out of the wooded hill to the west is a rocky overhang casting a slight shadow around the entrance to what seems like a cave. A scraggily wolf pads back and forth before the entrance, glancing your way.

The clearing ends in a rock path leading through scattered trees to the east.
A small cave entrance dwells underneath the overhang to the west.
You can go: In the Cave <W>, East <E>
Contents: A wolf large and intimidating in appearance (Nevarre); A wolf with a
slight limp (Pheeobe); A wolf with half of a left ear (Virika); and Beo.

Virika adds, “You should have seen how proud Caileana was. I think she was glad to have the honor of it.”

Nevarre says, “It is always a joy for a trainer to see their trainee move up”

Pheeobe smiles and sits up taller, tail wagging.

Caileana pads out of the den and pauses to stretch and shake out her fur.

Virika nods, “I agree.”

Nevarre asks, “Are you enjoying more of the freedom that comes with being a scout?”

Pheeobe shrugs. “I haven’t been able to do much yet…”

Caileana’s ears prick and she looks up, padding over to join the group. She nods. “Alpha. Hunter. Scout.” This last is said with a smile before she sits down.

Virika nods to Caileana.

Nevarre tilts his head, “And why is that?”

Nevarre nods politely to Caileana as she arrives, but returns his attention to Pheeobe.

Pheeobe smiles. “It was only last night…I do feel more included in the pack…but that is it for now. That is, until I can get someone to hunt with me.”

Nevarre nods, “I see. I thought it was a few days ago, not last night”

Pheeobe nods. “Yes. Just last night.”

Caileana nods slightly, though apparently she feels no need to comment.

Nevarre yawns widely and says, “Well, now that you have all made your way out, I will entrust the watch to you for a little while”

Caileana gives Nevarre an amused glance that questions the necessity of this statement, but she nods again.

Pheeobe puffs out her chest a little. “Will do.”

Virika grins and nods, “Rest well Alpha.”

Nevarre nods, “I will see you all later. Good night”

Nevarre trots west. Beo gives Nevarre a slight nod and a gentle growl, allowing Nevarre to pass into the cave.

Caileana watches Nevarre go and scratches idly at an ear.

Virika comments, once he’s safely gone, “And now it’s official as Pheeobe has gotten the obligatory lecture on being a Scout from Nevarre.” She gives a toothy grin.

Caileana barks out laughing, her head dipping.

Pheeobe smiles. “It wasn’t that bad….”

Virika says, “He’s mellowed over the years.”

You say, “/Quite/.”

Pheeobe nods. “I assume so.” She smiles. “I am thankful for that.”

Virika nods, “Me too.”

Virika says, “It’s made him a better wolf.”

Caileana flashes her fangs and says, “I think we mostly have Eirwyn to thank.”

Virika nods eagerly to this.

Pheeobe nods.

Caileana chuckles. “Wouldn’t have been official without a talk from Nevarre. How do you feel now, Pheeobe?”

Virika looks to the Scout.

Pheeobe laughs. “Even more…official…I guess.”

Virika says, “Really… it doesn’t feel all that different. It’s sort of like being a year older–you just get more responsibilities.”

Caileana’s muzzle wrinkles. “Well…and maybe a bit more…right. But maybe that was just me.”

Pheeobe shurgs. “Until I spar someone…it may not feel real.”

Virika stands, “I have a hunt to lead. So you’ll have to take a rain check.”

Pheeobe shakes her head. “Sometime soon then.” To Caileana she sighs. “I should be going too….I need to learn the patrol.”

Caileana dips her head. “Sure. I’ll be here, then.” She grins.

Pheeobe smiles and bumps Caileana playfully. “You rock! See you soon!”

Virika nods to them, “Have a good night you too. Don’t party too hard.” She teases Pheeobe.

Pheeobe laughs. “We will try not too!”

Virika pads off into the woods.

Caileana shakes her head and watches them both go with a smile.