Pleasant Chatting

Gathering Circle
What a sweet place you have wandered to. The forest trees here are scattered across a soft meadow of heather and wildflowers, and the sun dapples the ground through the leaves above. This is a wide section of earth, and it seems to be a gathering place–indeed, there is a ring of stones in one side of the open clearing where it seems fires have been built over many nights. To the south, a worn path leads to the Caldron Pool and the waterfall that feeds it. You can also see a path leading west toward the cliff-face. To the east the path leads into the deeper forests of Lantern Waste.
You can go: Clearing <N>, Into Lantern Waste <E>, Caldron Pool <S>, Base of the Cliffs <W>
Contents: A wolf with greying fur and a scrutinizing gaze (Ayden) and An unicorn stallion with a marred flank (Petraverd).

Ayden is seated in the center of the circle with tail wrapped closely around his frame. He peers to the north with narrowed eyes.

Petraverd makes his way into the Circle from the east, a younger, lankier sort of stallion in two. Both look a little weary, but in fairly good spirits, and after a brief exchange part ways, Petraverd remaining in the Circle while the other heads south.

Glyn arrives from the west.

Aliyah emerges from the thicket to the north.

Caileana pads towards the Circle from the west, smiling faintly and making some sort of noise under her breath. As she comes closer it becomes clear that she’s humming one of the tunes that Pheeobe frequently hums.

Ayden is still as stone, save his ears which swivel attentively toward the sound of approaching figures. He blinks out of his stupor once he hears the humming though and cants his head curiously.

Petraverd lets out a brief whinny toward the Wolves as he comes into the Circle proper, dipping his head toward Ayden and again toward Caileana as she nears. “Well hello,” he says amiably to the both of them.

Caileana stops midstep when she sees Ayden and the humming drops off. “Ah, hello there, Petraverd, Ayden,” she says amicably enough before giving the Wolf a curious glance. “Thought you’d left the Waste last night?”

Glyn appears behind the Unicorn, walking a short distance after. His ears lift at the sound of conversation and he pads closer to see who is assembled.

Ayden rolls his shoulders and rasps a reply. “Hello. Had. Will catch up with Dusk before long.”

Aliyah pads into the clearing, following Glyn’s scent. She stops when she notices the others and stays a good distance back.

Petraverd shifts his position and beckons Glyn over, apparently cognizant of the fact his second is just behind. “Well, glad I bumped into you, then,” he tells Ayden. “Means I can say a proper farewell before you head off.”

Caileana ahs. “I see,” she says simply.

Ayden shoots Aliyah a pointed look as he sees her approaching. The older wolf sniffs shortly and turns back to Petraverd and Glyn looking noticeably more tense. “Told you I’d see you before I left for good didn’t I? Meant to keep that promise.”

Glyn asks, “Has anyone seen Pheeobe? I thought a heard…” when he finally takes in the full fan of faces, including Ayden’s. “Ah, good evening, Ayden. Your business here is concluded then?”

Petraverd’s glance follows Ayden’s, and he gives his tail a single flick as he notes the cause of Ayden’s shift in demeanor. “That you did,” he tells Ayden, “and I’m glad for it.”

Aliyah moves to stand beside Glyn and gives him a nudge before glancing off in another direction.

Caileana looks briefly confused as Glyn speaks and then her ears pinken. She glances between Glyn and Aliyah and falls quiet.

Ayden smiles with some effort. It’s very toothy and poor in practice. His forepaws shift a bit and he seems to relax. “Oh… yes… most everything was accomplished.” To Petraverd he nods. “As am I good unicorn.”

Glyn starts at Aliyah’s sudden appearance at his shoulder, and takes a moment before nodding in greeting to her. His gaze flicks between her and Ayden a moment. “Ah,” he says, “perhaps a fortuitous meeting.”

Aliyah mumbles “… would like … speak … … … … … a …”, to Glyn.

Petraverd smiles to Ayden himself, before he glances to Glyn with a small nod. “Perhaps so.”

Caileana sits down and curls her tail about her.

Ayden bores his eyes into Aliyah. “Come to see me off have you hunter?”

Glyn pauses a moment before inclining his head and speaking evenly. “Certainly. I’ll have time quite soon once we have properly wished Ayden well on his journey.”

Aliyah bristles at the old wolf’s comment but says nothing.

Caileana frowns faintly as the term “hunter” is applied to Aliyah, but continues to say nothing.

Petraverd flicks an ear, perhaps considering saying something at this exchange, but instead bobs his head toward Ayden again. “Back to the Woods, then, I take it. Did you need anything for the journey?”

Ayden rests his gaze on Aliyah a moment longer though apparently content enough. “No. Came to say goodbye and…” He pauses and scrutinizes Glyn. “Wondered if I’d see you before I left. Busy with duties they tell me.”

Glyn inclines his head. “Just so. I was rather hoping we could speak at more length before you go, although I understand if your new duties call.”

Petraverd glances to Glyn himself, with a slight smirk. “My fault, I suppose, that you’ve been so busy lately.”

Caileana’s gaze goes distant but vaguely happy. She seems to smile after a bit.

Ayden eyes Caileana and cocks a brow. He shakes whatever thoughts from his head and nods to Glyn. “Dusk will arrive before me. Nothing too pressing from what I’m told.”

Aliyah sits, tail twitching and mutters to herself.

Aliyah mumbles “Pity that the … … … … leave, … isn’t it?”, to Aliyah.

Petraverd’s ears twitch, his tail giving another short flick. “Perhaps you two had better take the chance now that it’s presented itself, then?”

Glyn cants his head. “In that case…” He turns to regard Aliyah. “Perhaps we could speak later, at your convenience. It appears I will only have this short opportunity left to speak properly with our visitor.”

Caileana’s twitches an ear at the mention of Dusk, and frowns faintly when Ayden says “Nothing too pressing.” She exhales.

Ayden snorts as he overhears a bit of Aliyah’s muttering. “Oh. Will miss you too.” To Glyn he just nods. “If you desire to.”

Aliyah relaxes a bit. “that will be fine, Glyn.” With that she rises and begins to walk away. “Have a nice evening… Glyn, Caileana.”

Caileana dips her head. “Tenderfoot.” Her expression fades back to neutral.

Petraverd flicks an ear, saying simply, “Evening then, Aliyah.”

Glyn dips his head as she leaves. “Take care, Aliyah.” He returns to the Winterden Wolf and rises. “Thank-you, Ayden. I know a good spot if you care to follow me?”

Aliyah trots north.

Ayden calls lowly after Aliyah, “Careful on your hunts. No idea what might run through your woods these days.” He turns back to the second-in command of narnia’s guard with a slight smirk and a rumble. “Of course. Lead the way.”

Petraverd bobs his head toward the two he-Wolves. “A good eve to you both as well, then. And safe travels, Ayden – do keep in touch, if you think of it.”

Glyn’s muzzle tightens at parting shot but he does not comment. “Very good,” he says and gestures eastward.

Caileana also nods and adds after Petraverd speaks, “Safe travels if I don’t see you again, Winterden.” The pack name seems perhaps meant pleasantly or even in congratulation, judging by tone.

Ayden seems at ease now that Aliyah’s made her way off and drops his head in a nod. “Good eve Petraverd. Perhaps we will. I’d like that.” He’s quiet at Caileana’s words but he ducks his head once more and answers lowly. “Thanks. We will though I’m sure.” Finally rising to pad after Glyn he coughs softly. “Ready then.”

Caileana looks a bit surprised at Ayden’s words, but she nods.

Glyn dips his head. “A fair evening, Commander, Caileana. I’ll see you again soon.”

Glyn trots east, toward the edge of Lantern Waste.
Ayden leaves, following Glyn.

Petraverd’s expression rather mirrors Caileana, though he smiles as the two walk off. He then glances in the direction Aliyah departed briefly, and gives his mane a vigorous shake.

Caileana glances at Petraverd. “Makes friends with everybody, doesn’t she,” she says sarcastically.

Petraverd flicks an ear. “Don’t think I didn’t notice her refusal to acknowledge me, either.” He shakes out his mane. “Well. In any case, Glyn and I are looking to discuss a few things with Virika anyway, so we’ll let that be that for the time being.”

Caileana looks only slightly surprised. “Oh really? What’s she done now?” She blows out a breath and then revises, “Never mind, you don’t have to tell me that. Probably not my business.”

Petraverd chuckles. “Providing my responses for me now, are you? My goodness, have I become /that/ predictable for you?”

Caileana snorts. “I would deny it, but we both know I would by lying.” She smirks.

You say, “Also I’ve made it a point to stay out of business concerning Aliyah anyways. Told Virika I would.”

Petraverd chuckles again at Caileana’s smirk, then becomes serious again as he nods. “Wise plan for now, I think.”

You say, “Likely so. Leaves me out of some unnecessary drama, at the least.”

Petraverd shakes out his mane. “That /would/ be nice, he says,” and lets the matter rest there. His glance drifts toward the direction Ayden and Glyn left, and says, “Glad those two had a chance to talk, before Ayden went back to the Woods. I was rather hoping they would.”

Caileana hehs and nods. She follows his glance and looks curious. “Oh?”

Petraverd nods. “Wasn’t sure they’d take it, so… well, I’m glad for it.”

Caileana observes, “Didn’t realize they were such friends, I suppose.”

Petraverd twitches his ears. “Glyn and I first met Ayden during our training at Cair Paravel. Still not sure where the two of them stand with each other, to be honest, but… well, this sort of thing is definitely encouraging.”

Caileana hmms. “I see,” she says. “He seems all right. I haven’t had the opportunity to speak with him or Dusk much, but I think I would have enjoyed the chance to get to know Ayden more while he was here.”

Petraverd is quiet for a few moments, as if debating with himself exactly how much to say. “He’s definitely a reserved sort, even moreso than Wolves tend to be. And… well, it’s fairly obvious how… abrasive and off-putting he can be. Goodness knows he and I had our tiffs in Sted Cair, and bad ones.” He shakes out his mane. “But he’s very much a good sort, however… difficult it might be to see it. Steadfast, tenacious, and unwavering when it comes to standing for what he believes is right. I call him friend, at least.” He smiles a bit, glancing after the two again. “And seems it runs both ways.”

Caileana eyes Petraverd with an unreadable expression, perhaps some mix of amusement and something else. “So I see.”

Petraverd shakes out his mane before looking back to Caileana. “I should thank you, by the way. His stay wasn’t exactly an easy one here in the Waste, but you at least treated him well.”

Caileana shrugs. “No need to thank me. I only talked to him the one time. Goodness knows being a bit abrasive isn’t that unusual for us Wolves. I only really take offense when rogues or anyone really insults people I care about.”

Petraverd jerks his head in the direction the Wolves left again. “Maybe only once, but it was enough for him to take note. Maybe there’s no need for me to thank you, but at least he didn’t have to feel like the whole Waste save those of us he’d already met were jumping down his throat.” He lets out a breath. “All right, maybe that latter isn’t exactly fair. But I think you know what I’m getting at.”

Caileana chuckles. “Yes, I know, you appreciate it when your fellow Narnians are cordial to each other. All I can say is I typically have to be provoked and these days a lot – in order to not be.”

Petraverd hehs. “Well… not so much cordial as it is at least /decent/, but… that’s just splitting hairs, I suppose.”

Caileana smirks. “Probably,” she agrees.

Petraverd flicks an ear. “There’s a way to argue, even vehemently, while still recognizing each other’s… validity, after all.” He shakes out his mane again. “Some just… don’t seem to care, though. And yes, that bothers me. Probably more than anything else, to be honest. Maybe more than it should.”

Caileana hehs. “There’s something to be said for being reasonable about one’s own pet peeves. But I can’t really talk, either…there are those things that make me unreasonably angry as well.”

Petraverd lets out a breath. “Just feel like I’ve been pushed to my limits and past in regards to my own hang-ups lately. Maybe I’m second-guessing myself as to how I’ve handled it.”

Caileana shrugs. “Not hard to do.”

Petraverd hehs. “True enough, I suppose. Thank goodness I’ve got Glyn, he’s been a big boon in helping me keep my head on straight lately.”

Caileana chuckles. “He’s good at that, most times.”

Petraverd grins. “He’s come quite a long way since he first made his way to the Waste.”

Caileana hehs, and smiles. “I’d say we all have in these years.” She smirks. “And then there’s Pheeobe, now.”

Petraverd flicks an ear, tilting his head a bit. “Just what are you getting at?”

Caileana blinks at him. “Am I the only one who’s been noticing the way he is around my Tenderfoot? Pheeobe told me she liked him outright.”

Petraverd smirks slightly. “Oh, I’ve noticed all right. As far as what /he/ makes of it, though – well, I leave that to him for the moment.”

Caileana hehs. “Yes, well, I haven’t got much out of him on the matter other than that he finds her interesting and would like to get to know her more. Which is still more than can be said of a lot of our new recruits, I suppose.”

Petraverd twitches his ears. “Sounds about right.”

Caileana looks amused, perhaps a bit too much. “Something to keep an eye on, though.”

Petraverd chuckles. “Maybe. I know better than to loom too closely over such things, after all.” He glances to Caileana as he says, “But if it’s an experienced male ear that you’re thinking of, should he need one – well, he knows I’m always open to that sort of thing.”

Caileana chuckles. “I know you are. And I don’t see any reason to worry about the matter – Glyn may be a bit thick about these things on occasion, but I should hope I’ve trained him up well enough to figure it out himself by now.” She smirks. “And Pheeobe seems well-adjusted, considering.”

Petraverd laughs outright at this. “Males are /all/ thick when it comes to this sort of thing – I was the /last/ one in the Waste to figure out what in the world was going on between Peridot and myself.” He grins. “But he’ll handle it well, if that’s what it proves to be.”

Caileana’s smirk widens. “That’s probably true. Although Drune at least could recognize I was flirting with him when we first met…which is more than can be said for Glyn, in the past.”

Petraverd flicks an ear. “Probably my influence, unfortunately. I mean, you’re well aware of what Peridot had to resort to to get my attention.”

Caileana snorts. “Indeed, heard that one a few times. Drune occasionally requires similar methods, unfortunately.”

Petraverd chuckles. “Doesn’t surprise me in the least.”

Caileana smiles. “No, I suppose not.”

Petraverd tilts his head again. “How /have/ things been for the two of you lately, if it’s… not too pressing of me to ask?”

Caileana chuckles. “If anyone has a right to ask about it, it’s you Petraverd, considering how many times I’ve complained about the situation to you.” She pauses. “Things are…good, I think. Between us, anyways. I brought the matter up to Eirwyn some time ago, but haven’t spoken with her or Nevarre about it since. So the situation is somewhat stagnated on the official end.”

Petraverd nods a bit. “I suppose I don’t find that particularly surprising… that sort of matter’s more Eirwyn’s strong point than Nevarre’s, and… well. She’s had her mind on other matters lately.”

You say, “True. And so has Drune, to be honest. I don’t suppose it’s particularly pressing, either.”

Petraverd flicks an ear. “Winterden,” he says simply.

Caileana tips her head as if confused by this statement.

Petraverd clarifies, “Said ‘other matters’ on Drune’s mind.”

Caileana hehs. “Yes, it’s true. And for good reason mostly, although he does tend to worry about things that are outside his control and responsibility.”

Petraverd nods a bit. “We’ve… touched on that briefly ourselves as of late.”

You ask, “Oh?”

Petraverd nods again. “Not in much detail, but it’s a pattern for him.” He shakes out his mane. “In any case, once things settle down with the ruins proper, which I don’t think will be long, I think it might be worthwhile to start granting a bit of leave for some of the Guard. It’s been nigh on a year, after all.”

Caileana blinks. “Has it really? Wow.” She hehs. “And yes, I know he would like that. Might be good for him, too.”

Petraverd nods. “Hence why I’ve been thinking about it.”

Caileana nods in return. “Makes sense.” She looks thoughtful.

Petraverd says, “Haven’t had the chance to discuss the prospect with Glyn yet, there’ve been… more pressing matters for us to attend to, but I get the feeling he’ll think much the same as I do in that respect.”

You say, “Well, once you’ve finished with the ruins you won’t have another project immediately to be concerned about, so I would think it would be an opportune time.”

Petraverd nods. “My thought exactly. We’ll have a little time to spare, as it were, or at least able to afford to let a few at a time take a bit of leave.”

Caileana nods.

Petraverd hehs. “And when that time comes, Drune’ll probably be at the top of the list, as it were.”

Caileana clears her throat and nods. “Like I said, probably for the best.”

Petraverd simply nods his agreement.

You say, “He mentioned my going with him, once, but I don’t think that’s very likely at the moment, with the pup and my tenderfoot and all. Plus I heard a rumor that Virika and Aliyah might take a journey.”

Petraverd’s ears swivel forward. “Oh?”

You say, “Yeah, Aliyah mentioned something about the pair of them going to the Stone Table, although to be fair I haven’t heard anything from a more reliable source.”

Petraverd’s brow furrows slightly. “Hm. Well, here’s hoping that’ll help /some/thing…”

Caileana nods. “I should hope so too.”

Petraverd says, “Been a while since I was able to pay a visit there myself, come to think of it.”

You say, “I should like to go someday.”

Petraverd smiles. “Well worth a visit. It’s… moving, really.”

Caileana smiles. “So I hear.”

Petraverd chuckles. “I suppose that /is/ what the general populace says about dropping by the Stone Table, isn’t it?”

You say, “Seems to be a general consensus, indeed.”

Petraverd says, “Not the only spot to get that sort of feeling, though. Just…it’s… more obvious, there.”

You say, “Oh?”

Petraverd nods a bit. “At least to me… the fords of Beruna, standing in the shadow of Cair Paravel… reminders of the Lion’s power. His might. And… well, his care, for those who follow him.”

Caileana tips her head thoughtfully, and then nods.

Petraverd flicks an ear. “I… keep forgetting you’ve mostly kept to the Waste, I confess.”

Caileana hehs. “Not much call to travel when your main concern and duty is for the pack. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy the chance to visit other places, but I’ve felt less of a…need to, I suppose, than some.”

Petraverd twitches his ears. “Having a solid home and family will do that. I know I feel it a good deal less than I used to.”

Kiyon emerges from the thicket to the north.

Caileana nods. “I’ve been fortunate in that matter.”

Petraverd smiles a bit, nodding. “So you have. It’s… well, good to see that there’s starting to be a fair few who /are/. Certainly glad it’s the situation Quicksilver found himself born to.”

Caileana smiles softly, although there is something sad around the edges. “It is good to see this next generation born to more peace and stability.”

Petraverd hehs, glance flicking briefly to the scar on his flank. “More, yes, though there’s still work to be done…”

You say, “Agreed.”

Kiyon walks into the Gathering Circle favoring his right foot slightly. He grins at the sight of the Ulfden Wolf and the Unicorn, “Well, hello there!

Petraverd perks his ears at the greeting, and lets out a whinny toward the approaching Son of Adam with a grin. “Evening, Kiyon.”

Caileana glances over and smiles. “Hello, Kiyon.” She nods to him.

Kiyon reaches in his satchel and produces a shiny apple. He tosses it into the air and catches it with a grin. “Hello to you both. You’ll never guess what I came across today.”

Petraverd chuckles a bit, twitching his ears. “An apple?”

Caileana tips her head, looking curious.

Kiyon points to Petraverd with the hand holding the fruit. “Yes! Well, not exactly. This is not just any apple. This is quite possibly the plumpest apple this year will see. It’s beautiful isn’t it?” He pretends to inspect it with a grin. “And I thought to myself, I’m sure there’s a fair few that might like it. So I’ve considered it and I wonder what you might think of a contest of sorts. And to the winner the spoils. What say you? Reasonable, perhaps?”

Petraverd eyes Kiyon, though he grins. “That would depend on what sort of contest you had in mind.”

Caileana eyes the fruit disdainfully. “Competition is one thing I rarely dislike, but competition for the droppings of vegetation is not a cause I am particularly keen on.”

Kiyon grins to the Wolf. “Ah, but Caileana, even those who are not fond of fruit have probably not seen one quite like this. It can make a nice gift or treasure to show off, you might say.” He puts a hand to his chin and hmms. “Well, I considered perhaps a spar. But we’ve sparred many a time so I thought maybe not. Perhaps a battle of wits? I am not as well versed in tactics so it shouldn’t be be /too/ much of a challenge.” He grins again. “So what if we were to say here and now we are in combat and you two are my opponents. You two present me with a challenge we might face in battle and see how I fare against it. And then you each have your turn?”

Petraverd flicks an ear. “An interesting proposal indeed.”

Caileana grunts, very clearly not buying what Kiyon is selling. “If we must.”

Petraverd chuckles. “If it’s a tactical challenge you’re looking for, though, I think a simple chess match would suffice. Torgin has a makeshift board.”

Pheeobe arrives from the west.

Kiyon shrugs his shoulder, “Bah. I must be honest. My tactics are so very poor. I suppose chess would be as good.”

Caileana glances between the two and smirks faintly.

Petraverd smirks. “Or you could concede the match right off and instead present it as an early birthday present for Quicksilver.”

Kiyon chuckles to himself and shakes his head. “Nonsense, this is a prize to be won. The spoils of war.” He blinks and looks between the two. “Wait, Quicksilver’s got a birthday before long?”

Petraverd nods, grinning. “Little less than two weeks.”

You ask, “He’ll be how old, now?”

Petraverd says, “Two years old. Hard to believe…”

Kiyon grins and shakes his head. “Hard to believe indeed. Seems like it can’t be that long.” He sighs. “What do you think, Caileana? Should I concede in favor of Quicksilver’s birthday or is this one of Petraverd’s tactical tests in and of itself?”

Pheeobe walks into the circle. She is surprised by seeing the group but a large smile grows on her face. “Hey guys!” She goes to sit next to Caileana.

Caileana eyes him with a grin. “Up to you, my friend. Though it’s Petraverd we’re talking about, so the end result will likely be the same whatever you do.” She looks up as Pheeobe arrives and nods to her. “Evening, Tenderfoot.”

Petraverd looks quite innocent, merely swishing his leonine tail and bobbing a nod in greeting to Pheoobe.

Kiyon grins from ear to ear, “Ah, it seems a shame to concede so easily. But for Quicksilver, I cannot help but oblige.” He offers it to Petraverd and sighs. “You win again my friend.” At the sight of Pheeobe he brightens and dips his head in a nod. “Good evening, Pheeobe.”

Pheeobe smiles watching the others talk. She nods quietly to Kiyon with a smile.

Caileana chuckles at Kiyon.

Petraverd chuckles, tucking the apple away in his pack. “Well, I /do/ realize Quicksilver is rather difficult /not/ to oblige, being his sire and all. I thank you, and I am certain he will as well.”

Kiyon laughs softly. “Well, now that’s settled. What have you three been occupying yourselves with?”

Pheeobe smiles. “I have been training. Like always.”

You say, “Oh, this and that, the usual.”

Petraverd flicks an ear. “Seeing Ayden off, after which Caileana and I have been having ourselves a pleasant chat.”

Kiyon nods, “So the Winterden wolves have already made their leave, then? I see. And things sound productive overall.” He turns to Petraverd. “I still think we should have a game of chess. They played it back in Archenland… well those who could afford a nice set, anyway. Perhaps you could visit the ruins to see the progress and we could play it there?”

Petraverd says, “Dusk has, at least, Ayden’s on his way, having a word with Glyn before he does so.” He pats his pack with his muzzle. “And a game of chess would be pleasant, but I’d best get this back to Quicksilver. He and Peridot will be wondering where I got to, at this hour.”

Caileana simply nods her agreement with Petraverd’s first statement. To his second, she says, “In that case, thanks for the chat, Petraverd, and have a good night.”

Pheeobe smiles at Petraverd. “Have a good night!”

Kiyon grins and nods his head, “I accept your challenge then, Petraverd. Enjoy your evening and time with your family. It’s good to see you as always.”

Petraverd chuckles and bobs his head with a smile. “A good eve to you all as well.”

Petraverd trots south.

Pheeobe watches Petraverd leave but then turns to Caileana quickly. “So Ayden is in Winterden now?”

Caileana nods. “Yep, Drune gave his blessing for Ayden’s entrance into his pack.”

Kiyon stretches and stifles a yawn. “I’m afraid I should excuse myself as well. Patrols before too long and all.” He smiles. “Caileana, Pheeobe, a pleasure as always. I still think we should have a challenge. A new prize, though.”

Caileana gives Kiyon a toothy grin. “The only prize necessary is the pleasure of besting you, Kiyon.” She smirks at him.

Pheeobe smiles at Caileana.

Kiyon laughs, “Then I accept your challenge as well, Caileana. Ah, I wish I had more time to talk with the both of you. Aslan guard and keep you until we meet once more. Good night.” He ducks his head and turns to make his leave.

Caileana dips her head. “Good night, Kiyon.”

Pheeobe smiles. “Night Kiyon!

Kiyon walks north.

Caileana looks to Pheeobe. “Well, I should probably head back to the den myself. I’ve an early patrol tomorrow.”

Pheeobe nods. “I was going to train a bit tomorrow so I will go with you.”

Caileana nods and gets to her paws. “Shall we, then?”

Pheeobe nods. “Lead the way.”