On Thoughtfulness and a Limp

Caldron Pool(#270R/GKLM)
The best word for this spot might be grandiose. To the west water roars from a fall, where a river somewhere in the western wilds crashes over Narnia’s western border-cliffs to form the great, churning Caldron pool, deep and cold. The path at the edge of the pool forks three ways: east, to follow along the bank of the Great River, north, toward the Gathering Circle and the forest homes, and south fording the relatively small ‘river’ where it continues curving around to the southern side of the pool.
You can go: The Gathering Circle <N>, Along the Great River <E>, South side of the Pool <S>
Contents: A wolf with untrusting and piercing eyes (Aliyah).

Caileana is seated at the edge of the Pool, looking out over the water thoughtfully.

Aliyah pads towards the pool, seeming strangely happy.

Caileana twitches an ear at the sound but seems absorbed enough in her thoughts that she doesn’t actually register the noise.

Aliyah and I just got oneAliyah plops down, not too close to Caileana. She hangs her front paws over the pool’s edge and waits while staring into the water. A light cough escapes her throat for which she smacks herself as she mutters obviously annoyed at herself, “That’s one way to scare the fish.”

Caileana startles, not at Aliyah’s sitting down but at her cough. She looks over in surprise. “Ah, Tenderfoot, didn’t see you there.” She gives a sheepish smile and shakes out her fur.

Aliyah grins. “I did not want to disturb you as you seemed focused on something which seemed to be important.”

Caileana shakes her head. “No, not important enought that they need not be interrupted. This is Glyn and Petraverd’s favorite thinking place, it seems, but if I needed somewhere private to think, it would not be here.”

Petraverd comes trotting toward you across the pool.

Aliyah nods, frowning thoughtfully. “I really like it. Then again, it gives me p

You ask, “How so?”

Aliyah asks, “You know the bear in the northern woods? The one who looks so pitiful?”

Caileana nods. “Pesca,” she says.

Aliyah nods. “Well, I’ve been fishing for her. I don’t care much about the coins as I have little use for them, but doing that minor task gives me pleasure… Of a sort I’ve not had since coming here.” She smiles in a sad way.

Caileana smiles at her. “I find fishing to be a nice diversion on a slow day. Few of us Wolves are very skilled at it though…if you continue you may make a bit of a name for yourself,” she smirks jokingly.

Aliyah laughs. “Aliyah, the Fisherwolf! Weird ring, but okay. Well anyway, I don’t much care to make a name for myself.”

Petraverd walks along the northern riverbank, making his way toward the pool. His expression is contemplative, matched by the twitch of his tail, though he shakes himself out of his thoughts as he nears the pool itself.

Caileana chuckles. “No, I see that is not your motivation.” She catches Petraverd’s scent before she sees him. “Ah, hello Petraverd!” she calls out from where she is seated by the Pool.

Aliyah waves a paw in Petra’s direction and then returns her attention to Caileana. “I told Pheeobe what I was doing. She thought it was quite dangerous. I tried to explain otherwise, but I am not sure I convinced her.”

Petraverd returns the greeting with an amiable sort of whinny as he nears. He bobs his head. “Hello Caileana, Aliyah.”

Caileana tips her head. “Why would it be…dangerous?”

Aliyah shakes her head. “I don’t know really. That’s something you’d have to ask her. I got the impression she might be afraid of bears, so perhaps that is it.”

Petraverd perks his ears, tilting his head a degree in inquisitive fashion.

Caileana blinks. “Hm…I will have to ask her about that.” Her tone is mildly curious. “None of the Bears I have met have been dangerous, certainly not Pesca. Perhaps a bit pesky, but not to be feared.”

Aliyah nods in agreement and then turns to Petraverd. “How have you been?”

Petraverd bobs his head again. “Rather well, I’d say. And as for the two of you?”

Caileana smiles broadly at him. “Quite well, myself.”

Aliyah says simply, “Doing very well.”

Petraverd smiles as he nods. “Always good to hear. What brings you two to the pool this eve?”

Caileana snorts a bit. “Was out and about and decided to imitate you and Glyn and come here to sit and think.” She says this ironically.

Aliyah smirks. “How anyone can think here is beyond me.”

Petraverd shakes out his mane, saying simply, “Wait until spring. Practically have to /pry/ me out of the pool until winter rolls around again. And even then only reluctantly.”

Caileana chuckles and bobs her head up and down, giving Aliyah a look that says, ‘he’s not exaggerating.’

Aliyah raises an eyebrow. “Note to self… don’t fish where there is a unicorn.”

Petraverd simply grins, and shifts his glance to Caileana. “Think about what, if it’s not too presumptuous of me to ask?”

Caileana pauses, and looks out over the water for a moment thoughtfully. She smiles and turns back to say, “Well, I suppose it’s in your interest to know. Drune and I have…been doing some talking over the past days. I think we have reached a good point – there should be little fear, in any case, of our history affecting this cave exploration we are doing.”

Aliyah stares into the water, half of a smile on her muzzle. Somehow, she saw this coming even with Virika’s short telling of Cail and Drune’s past.

Petraverd smiles a bit as he nods. “Well that’s certainly good to hear. Not that I had any doubt the two of you would get there, but it’s good to hear regardless.”

Caileana tips her head at Petraverd in surprise. Her smile widens. but she snorts. “Well, I am glad to hear at least /someone/ thought these things would work out…/I/ certainly didn’t foresee as much.” She glances to Aliyah out of the corner of her eye, something like caution or inquisitiveness on her face.

Petraverd jerks his head in an equine shrug. “I ever remain the optimist, for better or for worse.”

Aliyah gives Caileana a knowing look. “It was obvious… Though I don’t know you well, I could tell something was changing.”

Caileana chuckles. “It is a nice counterpart to my, perhaps wolfish, cynicism.” She looks to Aliyah with some surprise. “Ah. I suppose that is true,” she says thoughtfully.

Petraverd glances to Caileana with mock skepticism. “What, /you??/ Cynical?”

Aliyah says quietly, “One thing you will find out about me is that I am ever the observant one… noticing things others might take for granted.”

Adara arrives from the north.

Caileana says dryly, “I am attempting to become attuned to my faults.” To Aliyah she gives an appraising look. “Not a bad attribute to have, Tenderfoot.”

Petraverd twitches an ear. “Well, a touch of it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Leaving it unchecked, now that’s another story – but even so, an attempt worth the making.”

Aliyah nods slowly. “It is an attribute learned in the hardest of ways. I’d rather not have a repeat of the past.”

Caileana nods thoughtfully to Petraverd and smiles faintly. “Few of us would like to repeat the past, at least certain parts of it. I know that holds true for me,” she tells Aliyah.

Petraverd’s expression flickers briefly at the remark, and gives his mane a vigorous shake before he says, “In my own case as well.”

Adara walks southward toward the pool, her skirts and hair tied in a way which would indicate she’s been patrolling, to those who know her habits.

Aliyah flicks an ear at a noise and looks up to spy the Daughter of Eve coming towards them. She tries to tell herself not to tense but is having little luck in that department.

Caileana adds, “The important thing for me has been to grow from my past.” She looks up at the sound of Adara’s approach and Aliyah’s glance, and smiles. “Hello, Adara,” she says in greeting.

Petraverd adds, “The important thing for anyone, really.” He lets out an amiable sort of whinny as he catches Adara’s approach. “Evening,” he calls out to her.

Adara says, “Yes, hello everyone.”

Aliyah swirls the water with a paw. “Well, perhaps… the fishing is a start. For me anyway.”

Caileana gives a nod to Aliyah and asks Adara, “How are you this evening?”

Petraverd tilts his head. “All well, I hope?”

Adara nods, speaking to Petraverd, “Heard you got that word in with my husband.”

Caileana looks to Petraverd with some curiosity.

Petraverd nods in return. “I did indeed, yes. It went… well, I think. Feels like we made some progress.”

Adara says, “He ain’t seemed unhappy anyway.”

Aliyah listens, focused more on the water than the conversation at hand.

Caileana also listens, a smile lingering around her muzzle.

Petraverd allows a faint grin of his own to flick across his features for a moment, then nods his head. “Perhaps confirmation that things went decently enough, then.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “Yes.”

Aliyah rises and stretches. She looks around for a moment, trying to find someone. Sighing, she looks to the others. “I believe I’m going to head back to the den for the night. I had hoped to come across Virika, but that does not seem to be happening.”

Caileana looks back to Aliyah and dips her head. “Rest well, then, Tenderfoot.”

Aliyah says, “Thank you.”

Petraverd bobs his head. “A good eve to you then, Aliyah.”

Adara says, “Goodbye.”

Aliyah nods to all before padding in the direction of the den. “Maybe this time, I will drop these rabbits off.”

Aliyah trots north.

Caileana’s eyes follow the other wolf with an odd look before she turns back to Petraverd and Adara.

Adara’s eyes also follow the wolf, though her expression seems more clearly disdainful.

Petraverd, to follow the trend, also looks after Aliyah as she leaves, and his own expression seems the sum average of the other two – in short, rather unrevealing.

Caileana takes note of the others’ expressions without comment. After a moment, something seems to occur to her, and she says, “Oh, Petraverd – there is something I should speak with you about, at some point. Not pressing at all, though.”

Petraverd turns back to Caileana, tilting his head a degree. “Oh? Well, you know where I can typically be found, whenever you have the chance. I’ve always got an ear open. Both, more often than not.”

Caileana chuckles. “Duly noted.”

Adara glances between them, “…I can leave?”

Caileana shakes her head. “No, no, not necessary. It can wait.”

Petraverd gives a small nod at Caileana’s response. He turns to Adara again, and asks, “How’s Tristran been lately? Making more goat friends out of the snow?”

Adara says, “Got a little sniffle earlier, so he’s been in more.”

Caileana listens curiously.

Petraverd nods a little. “Hopefully nothing too troubling on the little fellow, though?”

Adara cants her head a little, “If I’m honest, I ain’t know he was really sick. He gets trouble with them breathing sort of things some times.”

Caileana tips her head. “Is that normal with human children?”

Petraverd tilts his head slightly as well, twitching his ears.

Adara frowns very slightly. “If they’re born early.”

Pheeobe arrives from the north.

Caileana hms. “I didn’t know. Is it concerning?”

Petraverd’s brow furrows a bit, tail flicking.

Adara says, “Yes.”

Pheeobe comes out from the trees humming. She give a little nod to everyone she sees. “Evening everyone!”

Caileana frowns faintly. Her ears prick at the sound of familiar humming, and she looks up. She gives a nod. “Good evening, Tenderfoot.”

Petraverd perks his ears, glancing in Pheeobe’s direction. He bobs his head with a smile. “Evening.”

Adara says, “Hello.”

Pheeobe says, “I hope you are all well tonight.” Then she looks around.

You ask, “I am, thanks. And you?”

Petraverd nods. “I would say so, for my part.”

Pheeobe gives a small smile to Caileana and says, “I am well, thank you!” Then looking around, “Now what were you guys discussing?”

Caileana glances at Adara.

Adara replies, “It’s cold out.”

Petraverd shakes out his mane, twitching his ears. “As it tends to be, this time of year…”

Caileana gives a small nod, seeming willing to leave it at that.

Pheeobe turns her head to Caileana, “I think I am going to train tonight.”

Caileana brightens. “An excellent idea! I can come along, unless you prefer to get in some practice alone.”

Petraverd chuckles, glancing to Caileana. “How did I know you’d approve of that idea?”

Pheeobe exclaims, “Okay then lets do it!”

Caileana smirks at Petraverd. “Well. I /am/ supposed to be supervising…” She nods to Pheeobe and gets to her paws. “Have a good evening, you two, if I don’t see you again tonight.”

Petraverd nods in return. “To you two as well, then.”

Adara says, “Goodbye.”

Pheeobe exclaims, “Goodbye!”

Practice List Cavern

This cavern is considerably smaller than the others, but it has the same rough-hewn appearance that belies its origin as being the result of dwarven pickwork as opposed to natural process. Some lanterns hang here to illuminate the cavern, their flames casting a flickery orange-green glow that dances on the stone walls and ceiling. The chamber is approximately round, and at the center of the room there are several wooden boxes set up, around which you can see the remnants of straw and torn burlap. At the distant end of the room, Chinafar the dwarf sits with a thick needle and twine, sewing more targets together for patrons to use for practice.


You can go: Main Cavern <N>

Contents: Chinafar and Straw Target.

Pheeobe arrives from the main cavern to the north.

Caileana pads into the Practice Lists, tail swishing from side to side. “Ah, good, already a target set up,” she says.

Pheeobe exclaims, “Awesome!”


The target falls apart completely, leaving only a heap of straw. The tender walks over and sweeps up what remains of it, and then goes back to working on another.

Pheeobe exclaims, “WOW! I killed it!”

Caileana stands up from where she has been sitting at the edge of the cave and nods her approval as the target falls apart. “The strength of your attacks has already improved significantly, Tenderfoot.” She looks pleased.

Pheeobe smiles very proudly, tail slightly wagging.

Caileana motions to Chinafar with her muzzle. “Again?”

Pheeobe says, “Yep.”

Caileana nods to Chinafar and resumes her seat as he sets up another target.


Pheeobe rolls onto her belly.

Caileana calls out, “You’ve been training on your own, I see.”

Pheeobe says, “I did a lot this afternoon.”

Caileana nods. “Good – I’m glad to see you take initiative. What have you learned so far?”

Pheeobe asks, “Like skills?”

Caileana smirks faintly and gets to her paws to draw nearer. “Like…the benefit of paying attention to your footwork while attacking.”

Pheeobe says, “I didn’t know to focus on those things.”

Pheeobe resumes training.

Pheeobe says, “So how do I focus on those things? I mean that would help me because I fell down a hill today. ”

Caileana steps in when Pheeobe looks exhausted again. “You’re doing quite well regardless of your focus on strategy.” She eyes her a moment at the mention of falling down a hill. “Well, when you’re attacking,” she goes to stand in front of the target, “pay attention to where you put your paws. Your attacks will be stronger if you are steady on your paws.” She demonstrates a balanced stance and then snaps at the target.

>>> Caileana bites Straw Target hard, her teeth sinking into Straw Target’s skin. Straw flies in all directions.

You ask, “You see?”

Pheeobe exclaims, “Yeah I do! Thank you!”

Pheeobe says, “Yeah I am pretty sure I should be limping more about falling.”

Caileana adds, “Especially if you’re not on all four paws, you need to pay attention to where and how you’re standing. I use my long legs as an advantage when sparring.” She rears up on her back legs only and snaps high up on the target. When she falls back to all fours she says, “But your attacks can be completely derailed if you don’t pay attention to how you’re standing.”

>>> Caileana bites Straw Target hard, her teeth sinking into Straw Target’s skin. Straw flies in all directions.

Caileana then tips her head at Pheeobe. “How do you mean?”

Pheeobe says, “I rolled all the way down the hill. It was actually kind of silly. ”

Caileana chuckles a little, but quickly grows serious. She tips her head. “Maybe you need to work on watching how you put your paws in general. Would that help you with your limp, you think?”

Pheeobe says, “No. It is my fault that I limp and it will never get better. ”

Pheeobe says, “I will get back to work now.”

Caileana frowns faintly, but nods.

The targets falls apart

Pheeobe tilts her head to the side and says, “I am not entirely sure I am getting better…I think the targets just fall apart.”

Caileana shakes her head. “No, you’ve definitely improved – you’re taking apart the targets much more quickly now.”

Pheeobe says, “Alrighty…”

Caileana pauses. “May I ask…why is it that you say your limp is your fault?”

Pheeobe says, “Well I let it heal up wrong….I didn’t get help.”

You ask, “I see….was there help to be had?”

Pheeobe says, “I don’t know for sure….but I could have tried harder I think….”

Caileana inclines her head, looking thoughtful, but she doesn’t press the matter.

Pheeobe continues training

Pheeobe says, “I think I should go rest up now….”

Caileana nods. “I’d say you’ve earned that for tonight. Good work.”

Pheeobe exclaims, “Thank you Caileana! Have a good night….”

Caileana bows her head. “You as well, Tenderfoot.” She smiles.

Pheeobe walks north.

Caldron Pool(#270R/GKLM)
The best word for this spot might be grandiose. To the west water roars from a fall, where a river somewhere in the western wilds crashes over Narnia’s western border-cliffs to form the great, churning Caldron pool, deep and cold. The path at the edge of the pool forks three ways: east, to follow along the bank of the Great River, north, toward the Gathering Circle and the forest homes, and south fording the relatively small ‘river’ where it continues curving around to the southern side of the pool.
You can go: The Gathering Circle <N>, Along the Great River <E>, South side of the Pool <S>
Contents: A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye; An eagle with a crested head (Skarlieth); and An unicorn stallion with a marred flank (Petraverd).

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye waves this aside. “Reckon I’ll see you soon enough at the tower, though.”

Petraverd dips his head again. “A good eve to you and yours, then.”

Skarlieth seems to smile a bit as he nods. “Undoubtably. A good evening to you, Adara.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye slips off toward the east.

Caileana pads back to the Pool from the direction of the caves, tail sweeping.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye walks downstream along the riverbank path

Petraverd shakes out his mane, looking after Adara for a moment or two before returning his attention to the Eagle – and letting out a light whinny toward the approaching Wolf.

Skarlieth’s attention likewise shifts from departing Daughter of Eve to Wolf, and he dips his head in a respectful greeting.

Caileana bows her head to the two remaining by the Pool. “Petraverd, Skarlieth,” she greets.

Petraverd nods in return. “Hello again. How’d the training session go?”

Skarlieth falls into a calm silence as he listens, glancing briefly toward the north at the mention of training.

Caileana smiles brightly. “Quite well. She’s improving quite quickly, and has been practicing on her own.” Her smile fades. “That limp of hers doesn’t seem to give her much trouble, at least with the training, but she does seem self-conscious about it.”

Petraverd hehs. “I suppose that’s understandable. Yet you’ve just remarked that it hardly seems to be a hindrance. She’ll come to see that in time herself, I’m sure. You’ll see to that, I imagine.”

Skarlieth nods in quiet agreement. “Even if she must adapt to the difference, knowing you wolves she will overcome it well.”

Caileana nods. “I’ll do what I can…she says it’s her fault, that it never healed properly. I wonder…do you think Panacea might be able to take a look at it and possibly…lessen it, somehow?” She gives a small smile to Skarieth. “I’m confident she’ll be fine – it seems mostly a matter of the way she thinks about it.”

Petraverd tilts his head. “It’s… possible, I suppose…”

Skarlieth tips his head slightly, though he doesn’t comment.

Caileana hms. “I’m no healer,” she rolls her shoulders in a shrug. “But we’ll see. It may be best not to bring the matter up, for a time.”

Petraverd nods his agreement. “The wiser plan, I think. Treating the limp itself would only be treating the metaphorical symptom, I think.”

Skarlieth nods slightly.

Caileana gives thought to this and then nods her agreement. “Yes, I think that’s true.”

Petraverd says, “Better to help her lessen its hold on her by helping her shift her perception rather than the effect. And I think that’ll come, given enough time.”

Skarlieth adds, “Particularly as it seems she is being given little chance or reason to dwell upon it.”

Caileana hmms. “If things continue as they are, I think she will prove her capability to herself – with time, as you say, Petraverd.”

Petraverd smiles. “And ultimately, I think that will be what helps her out more than anything else.”

Skarlieth once more simply nods, gaze flicking towards the Tower in the distance for a moment.

Caileana nods again thoughtfully, and smiles back at Petraverd.

Petraverd chuckles, shaking out his mane. “Oh, would you just listen to me, going on like I’m still training colts myself.”

Skarlieth looks back to Petraverd, seeming to smile faintly. “I imagine it is hardly something easily forgotten, nor should it be.”

You say, “Your experience is quite helpful, in this case.”

Petraverd glances to Skarlieth, still chuckling. “Herblorist turned trainer turned warrior, or whatever we want to call me these days, I suppose. How’s that for a convoluted career path?”

Skarlieth clacks his beak. “Impressive, though I may have known worse. I find myself doubting your path is near finished, either.”

Caileana tips her head.

Petraverd chuckles. “Likely not. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up going right back to herblore and coming full circle at some point.”

Skarlieth says, “I can think of far worse circles to complete. Indeed, your own could be something of a relief… far into the future, that is. The Guard might have some difficulty if our commander decided to change direction at the moment.”

Caileana snerks. “I should think so – Glyn might have something to say about that.”

Petraverd snorts. “He’d bat me across the muzzle before I could finish the sentence.”

Skarlieth seems to grin briefly. “Indeed, I somehow do not believe you would progress far with that plan.”

Caileana chuckles and nods.

Petraverd shakes his mane out. “Rather a moot point at the moment anyhow. I’m rather content with my lot as it stands.”

Skarlieth says, “A good, if rather expected, thing to hear.”

You say, “Indeed.”

Petraverd chuckles. “Am I really that predictable now?”

Skarlieth gives a wry clack of the beak. “I certainly must disagree with /that/… and I believe Drune would support my argument.”

Caileana hehs. “I do believe you’ve been more or less predictable as long as I’ve known you, Petraverd.” She smirks.

Petraverd gives a rather devious (if such a word can be used to describe a Unicorn) smirk in the Eagle’s direction. “What, you mean you /didn’t/ see that one coming?”

Skarlieth spreads his wings slightly. “One would think I ought to have, but I found myself somewhat distracted by avoiding rather sharp teeth. Though I do not intend to make such a mistake again,” his eyes glint with a bit of a smile.

Caileana glances between the Unicorn and Eagle curiously.

Petraverd gives his mane a brief toss as he says, “Then I did what I set out to accomplish.” He turns to Caileana and smirks again. “I gave Drune and Skarlieth… shall we say… a bit of a surprise during their last spar.”

Skarlieth says, “An understatement at best.” He also looks towards the Wolf. “I was fortunate that he chose to target Drune first, though it seemed we both recovered fairly well.”

Caileana blinks in surprise and grins. “Well, well, look at you Petraverd, being sneaky.” She smirks.

Petraverd twitches his ears, looking Quite Innocent Indeed. “How else am I supposed to take the measure of how well the Guardsmen can deal with the unexpected?”

Skarlieth seems to smile, though before he can reply he glances skyward. “Ah, forgive me, I must depart for the evening. Bright skies to you both, Commander, Caileana…” He half-bows to each in turn.

Caileana barks a laugh. “I’m sure there are other ways, but I reckon that one works quite well too…” She looks to Skarlieth and bows her head. “Take care, then, Skarlieth.”

Petraverd dips his head. “Of course, Skarlieth. To you as well.”

Skarlieth takes off over the Pool, flying along the River.

Petraverd chuckles as Skarlieth departs. “Let it never be said we Unicorns don’t have a sense of mischief.”

Caileana rolls her eyes and grins. “Indeed, I am finding this to be the case.”

Petraverd shakes out his mane. “I blame Peridot.”

Caileana eyes him. “Oh really?”

Petraverd says, “She’s got a mischievous streak a mile wide, sometimes.”

Caileana smiles. “Like, say, that time she shoved you into the Pool that I’ve heard so much about?” She motions at said pool with her nose.

Petraverd says, “Among other things. I made the fatal mistake of showing her that day that mischief /works/.”

Caileana tips her head at him and chuckles. “I see…”

Petraverd says, “I can only imagine the sort of mischief Quicksilver will pull off down the road. I suppose I’ve nobody but myself to blame, though. Well, and Peridot.”

You say, “Yes, I imagine things might get interesting, having you two as parents.”

Petraverd chuckles. “Ah well. Keeps us all on our toes, I suppose. Er, so to speak.”

Caileana laughs. “I think we could all use some mischief in our lives on occasion, anyway.”

Petraverd grins. “It’s what keeps things interesting, after all.”

You say, “Quite.”

Petraverd shakes out his mane. “So… what is it you were looking to speak with me about? Seems like things have dwindled down to just us, and I have a bit of time.”

Caileana ahs. “Well, like I said, it’s not pressing, but Drune mentioned that there has been talk among the Guard of having us explore the passage said to lead to the Twisted Caverns, at some point?”

Petraverd gives a small nod. “Potentially, yes.”

Caileana nods. She takes a moment before continuing. “Well, he has asked me, if that occurs, to not join in.” Her head tilts. “I told him this would depend on whether or not I was needed, of course, so I thought I would bring it to your attention. I’m of a mixed mind on the matter – I would like to give him this, but on the other paw if it is dangerous I should like to help, especially as I /have/ already agreed to do so.”

Petraverd tilts his head. “Did he now…” he says, though this seems to be mostly to himself than anything else. After a few thoughtful moments, he shakes out his mane. “Well. I shall definitely keep it in consideration, if and when the time comes.”

Caileana’s ears tilt backwards a bit in an expression that could be read as flustered, but she simply nods. “That’s all I ask.”

Petraverd’s glance shifts toward the east, flicking an ear. “Speaking of Drune, though… he’s seemed rather subdued lately. Er, a bit moreso than usual, that is.”

Caileana’s ears prick back up again. “Has he?” She asks, tone wavering between concerned and curious.

Petraverd jerks his head in an equine shrug. “Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I’ve had that impression, at least.”

Caileana hms. “Knowing his tendency to thoughtfulness, he has likely merely been mulling things over, I would imagine,” she muses.

Petraverd says, “Precisely my thought. Which makes me wonder what it is he’s had to mull over these days.”

Caileana eyes him but smiles faintly. “As I said earlier, we’ve just been…trying to work through two years of anger and misunderstanding.”

Petraverd twitches his ears. “That’d be enough to make anyone thoughtful. Drune especially.”

Caileana chuckles. “Yes, both of us I think, but of course him especially, being Drune.”

Petraverd tilts his head. “And what about your end? You’ve certainly seemed to be in good spirits lately, so I take it said thoughtfulness has been of the pleasant sort for you?”

Caileana nods. “Overall, yes, I should say so. I mean,” she shifts, “there’s still much to consider and talk about, but I’m pleased with the way things are going.”

Petraverd smiles a bit. “That’s certainly good to hear.”

Caileana nods again, more deeply. “Yeah,” she says softly. She tips her head at Petraverd. “You’re telling me you really saw this coming?”

Pheeobe arrives from the north.

Petraverd twitches his ears. “Maybe not in precisely this manner. But I can’t really say I find developments surprising.”

Caileana hms. “I see…” she says with another nod.

Pheeobe comes in the North. Huffing and puffing and she seems a little agitated. Still she gives a small smile in greeting, “Hello Petraverd and Caileana.”

Drune arrives from the north.

Petraverd bobs his head toward Pheeobe as she approaches. “Evening again,” he says.

Caileana looks up and nods towards Pheeobe with a smile. “Hello there, Tenderfoot. You all rested up?”

Pheeobe, a little sharper than usual says, “Nope…not yet.”

Caileana looks confused and tilts her head sideways. “Oh?”

Petraverd’s brow furrows slightly, tilting his head as well.

Drune pads towards the group, his nose to the ground and ears perked.

Pheeobe breaths out heavily….”I have just been training too hard or something. I am always exhausted and tripping on rocks. They keep cutting me and that fall this afternoon wasn’t fun.”

Caileana nods a little, looking concerned. “There is no rush or competition with your training, Pheeobe. We can afford to take things slowly. If you’re not used to such a rigorous training regime, we can pace you, take it more slowly. You said yourself it’s been a long time since you’ve done any such training.”

Petraverd twitches his ears, remarking, “Part of training is learning where to strike the balance, after all…” He lets out a brief whinny as Drune comes into view.

Pheeobe looking regretful…”Sorry, I don’t mean to complain. I will perk up now.” Then, spotting Drune she gives a small grin in greeting.

Drune pauses as he hears the voices and Petraverd’s greeting. Looking up, he takes note of each in the group, smiling after a moment and making his way closer. “Evening Commander, Pheeobe, Caileana.. ” he says in turn, nodding to each.

Caileana’s ears perk at Petraverd’s whinny, and she looks up to see Drune. She smiles broadly at him and nods, before turning back to Pheeobe. “It’s all right, Tenderfoot. I want to know if we are moving too quickly for you, so that I can know how to proceed. We will find a way to work this out.”

Petraverd bobs his head, returning Drune’s smile. “Evening,” he says. “How are you faring tonight?”

Pheeobe asks, “Thank you Caileana….I will try to pace myself better. You are doing nothing wrong. Yes Drune, how are you?”

Drune comes to a halt beside Petraverd, nodding and sucking in a deep breath. “I’d say I am doing rather well… ” he returns, countenance light as he lets his gaze bounce between those gathered. “And what of yourselves?”

Petraverd swishes his tail, saying, “Rather well myself, I’d say.”

Caileana surveys her packmate carefully, but nods. “My concern is only for you, that we work out what will be best for you and your training. Perhaps we should speak of this more later, and you can take it easy tomorrow. Consider that an order.” To Drune she offers an, “I’m doing well, thanks.”

Kiyon arrives from the north.

Pheeobe, “Will do Caileana.” Then turning to Drune, “I am doing well.”

Drune nods slowly at their replies, his attention being stolen by the other two wolves and the instruction being given. Then nodding a bit more fully, he glances between them. “This does me good to hear… I hope I am not interrupting anything?”

Caileana exhales and shakes her head, glancing at her tenderfoot for confirmation as she says, “No, I don’t think so. You’re fine, Drune.”

Petraverd twitches his ears. “Not as far as my knowledge goes. Although I should probably be on my way – I’ve a night patrol this evening, after all.”

Drune nods once to Caileana, gaze flickering between her and Pheeobe. Then looking to Petraverd, he inclines his head, a small grin crossing his muzzle. “I thought I took that patrol from you Commander? ”

Kiyon follows the edge of Caldron Pool at a relaxed pace, his walk of the shuffling sort. He kicks at a particularly minute rock and sends it into the water before snapping to attention at the sight of the group, his emerald eyes searching their countenances.

Caileana nods to Petraverd. “Well, thanks for the chat…er, chats, tonight, Petraverd.” She smiles up at him.

Petraverd nods to Drune. “You did. I happen to be covering one for a herdmate this evening, though.” He nods to the others with a smile. “A good evening to all of you.”

Pheeobe says, “Good night Petraverd!”

Petraverd trots south.

Drune nods once, watching Petraverd as he leaves. Then looking back to the group, he catches sight of Kiyon. “Hail, Kiyon. ” he calls out, expression turning neutral.

Kiyon’s expression is equally neutral as he approaches but he makes an effort at taking on a friendly smile. “Hail, Drune. And good day to all of you.”

Caileana twitches an ear at the small ‘plop’ of stone in water, and looks over to Kiyon. She offers him a smile and says, “Good evening, Kiyon.” She tips her head at the forced smile on his face and glances to Drune’s neutral expression, smile fading.

Drune eyes Kiyon as he approaches, nodding to him. “How are you faring this Eve?”

Pheeobe sits quietly.

Kiyon seems to relax, at least, some. “Well enough, thank you for your asking. Though I think if I tried my luck with another straw target today I might go a bit mad.” He glances himself over, scrutinizing his appearance and finding a stray straw from said targets. Looking back up, he grins. “I’m not all that good with a mace, I’m afraid. But enough about me, how are you all faring?”

Caileana sits down where she stands near Pheeobe. “I’m doing well,” she says.

Drune nods in turn, a thoughtful air beginning to surround his countenance. “As am I… Been a quiet night. ” he chuckles wryly. “My only regret is that I was not able to join in the great excitement of target training.”

Pheeobe says, “I have had a very similar night to you it sounds like Kiyon. That sack of straw is kicking me in the pants.” Laughing she smiles over at Caileana.

Caileana glances over at Pheeobe and something in the set of her shoulders relaxes at her smile.

Kiyon grins and replies a bit more cheerfully, “Oh, it was simply /loads/ of excitement. When I could connect with them, anyway! It’s a process, I understand.” He studies Drune a moment and adds. “I would like it sometime if you would join me, though. I’ve not had much opportuity to train with you just yet.” He smiles to Caileana. “I’m certainly glad to hear it, Caileana. A quiet day for you too, then?” He shoots Pheeobe a glance and flashes another grin. “Ah, yes, sometimes it’s practically unnerving! But it gets easier, in time.”

Drune nods at this, flashing him a grin. “Anytime… As I am sure you know, I /never/ pass up an opportunity to train. ”

Caileana says to Kiyon, “Oh, not too quiet – I’ve been keeping busy. But a good day, overall.” She smirks at Drune and says teasingly, “Now, /that/ sounds famililar…”

Pheeobe smiles….

Kiyon bobs his head to Drune. “When you’ve some time, I’ll gladly take you up on that offer. And… I would like some words with you, the two of us, when the moment is right.” He smiles. Looking to Caileana he nods, “Good, then! You’ve been busy training as well?” Angling his head a bit, he observes Pheeobe and looks at her questioningly.

Drune nods once more at him, eyes searching him. “Of course. ” he replies simply, then looking to Pheeobe at Kiyon’s question.

Trianna comes trotting toward you across the pool.

Pheeobe goes to humming….then realizing everyone looking at her she says, “What?”

Caileana looks between Kiyon and Drune with some curiousity. She answers, “Did some hunting, anyways, and helped Pheeobe with her training.”

Kiyon grins at Pheeobe. “Oh, nothing, really. You just seemed quiet.” His gaze flutters between Caileana and Pheeobe. “A productive day, sounds like.”

Caileana mms and nods.

Trianna’s nose sniffles the ground as she heads toward the ground. Brown leaves and twigs are caught in locks of her mane. With each step, a leaf or twig falls out as she nears the group. She whinnies softly as she approaches them.

Pheeobe shrugs. “Sometimes there is nothing to be said. In fact I should leave I have some hunting to do.

Drune’s expression is ripped from the conversation at the whinny, eyes darting to its souce. “Hail! ” he calls out after a moment.

Pheeobe exclaims, “Goodnight everyone!”

Caileana inclines her head to Pheeobe. “Good night, then, Tenderfoot.” She follows the whinny and blinks a bit at Trianna. “Hello, Trianna.”

Kiyon’s attention also shifts to the newcomer and he dips his head to the Unicorn mare. “Hello, Trianna!”

Trianna dips her head to the gathering. “Greetings friends. Caileana, Drune, and Kiyon. How does the evening find you?”

Drune nods at this. “I am well for my part. ” he smiles softly, letting his gaze then wander.

You say, “Well, thanks.”

Kiyon notes the bits of forest that cling to Trianna with a small smile and nods. “Well, thank you. I hope the same for you. Out for a nighttime run, then?” He glances at Drune out of the corner of his eye.

Trianna’s ears flick forward as she looks at each in turn, giving a dip of her head. “Glad to hear all is well in the waste.” She looks at the son of Adam and stares at him. “Nay, I was foraging. I’ve been awfully hungry of late. As the days have continued on and winter is yet a month and a half from being over, food is becoming more scarce for us. We feed the children, the mothers and the aged first. I do not fall under any of those categories.” She hehs. “Mind helping me get those twigs out, Kiyon? They are rather itchy.”

Drune seems rather lost to the world as he continues eyeing the surrounding woods. Though, his ears give hint to his attention as they flick at their conversation.

Caileana falls silent, watching the glance hat Kiyon gives Drune with a tip of her head. She eyes Trianna with some concern as she mentions a lack of food, and gives a shake of her fur, her expression turning inwards.

Trianna looks at the others. “Has food dwindled for the pack also?” She shakes out her name. “This has been a difficult winter.”

Kiyon cants his head at Trianna’s request but nods. “If you wish it.” He replies quietly and moves over to remove the troublesome bits of shrubbery. He smiles and comments, “Winter will be over before we know it, though, and then the Waste will be blooming with all sorts of beautiful plants and berries and such once again. While I like the winter a great deal, I look forward to the coming days.” He turns to the wolves and queries curiously, “What is it like for your packs in these conditions?”

Aelius arrives from the north.

Drune’s ear flicks once more at the question, his attention being turned back to the conversation fully. “Usually Winterden manages well enough… Though, I admit to not knowing how they stand this year. ” he frowns slightly at this, glancing to Caileana.

Caileana blinks. She says, “Some winters are harder than others. Game has been fairly plentiful this year, even in the winter months, and we have been extra diligent in keeping the den stocked, for the sake of the Alpha and the pup.”

Trianna grins. “How is the new arrival and her mother?”

Aelius hops along, heading towards the pool. Seeing the small gathering, he pauses and listens.

Caileana smiles, her eyes soft. “They’re doing quite well,” she assures the Unicorn.

Kiyon unwinds a strand of Trianna’s mane from a particularly pokey twig and sends the bit of wood tumbling to the snow. He turns his ear to the wolves for their answer and smiles at the sight of Aelius approaching, beckoning him closer with a slight tilt of his head.

Drune sucks in a breath as more Narnians approach, expression turning a bit weary. “If you will all excuse me… I need to be getting some rest before my next patrol. ” he says, tone kind.

Aelius grins at Kiyon, and trots over to him.

Trianna winces at the twig being unwound from her mane, her skin bunching and shivering at the same time. “Good eve to you Drune,” she says dipping her head.She looks at Caileana. “Any news from the pack?”

Kiyon looks to Drune, momentarily unfocused on the conversation. “A good eve to you, my friend. Aslan go with you on patrol. I hope we’ll s
peak soon.”

Caileana nods to Aelius, and turns to Drune with another nod. “Rest well then, Drune.” She smiles. To Trianna, “Oh, not much new. A few new-ish tenderfeet have begun training, that’s all.” She looks up at the stars and frowns. “Ah. I’m afraid I have a patrol I must be getting to, however.”

Aelius dips his head to Caileana and then Drune. “Have a good evening!”

Kiyon nods to Caileana, “I wish the same for you as I do for Drune, and good to eve to you.”

Trianna dips her head to the shewolf.

Drune nods to each, attention lingering on Kiyon a moment. “Aslan be be with you as well… and, Of course. ” he returns, now standing, he steals a glance in Caileana’s direction, shooting her a smile. Then, he lets out a soft sigh and bounds off into the night.

Caileana stands and bows her head. “Good evening,” she tells them all.