Beach Chat

Beach North of Sted Cair


You stand on the beach at Narnia’s seashore. East of you the blue waters Great Eastern Ocean dance under the sunlight as they stretch toward the horizon. The waters are surprisingly calm, but this is probably because the Cair Paravel Peninsula, which juts out into the ocean just south of here, makes this stretch of beach something like a harbor.

To the west, you can see the thatched roofs of Sted Cair just beyond the beach. The sand here is warm, and the beach is quiet save for the rhythmic lapping of the waves. You can follow the beach northward.


You can go: Follow the Beach <NE>, Cair Paravel <S>

Contents: Dreygan.

Caileana is sprawled on the sand, just up from where the water laps against the beach, her head on her paws as she watches the waves.

Dreygan walks along the beach, nose to the ground as he follows a scent. He sneezes as this earns him a noseful of sand, then lifts his head and sniffs at the air.

Caileana’s ear flicks at the sneeze. She looks up and grins, calling out, “Dreygan!”

Dreygan’s ears perk and he, too, grins. “Cail. Excellent.” He lopes closer, more comfortable on the smooth sand. “Wasn’t sure I was ever gonna manage to track you down.”

Caileana shifts to face him more easily. “Well, you found me. Good work.” Her tail sweeps a few times over the sand behind her.

Dreygan plops down next to her. “Finally. How’re you?”

You ask, “Good. And you?”

Dreygan says, “Not bad. Been spending most of my time hunting. Waiting to see if anyone has something more useful to say than ‘oh my, how will the council ever choose the perfect human?'”

Caileana snorts. “There has been little talk of anything else,” she agrees. “And very little forward momentum, as far as I can tell.”

Dreygan nods. “I’m gonna risk being tedious, though, and stay on the topic for a bit… what do you think? About who should rule Narnia?”

Caileana blows out a breath. “The blazes if I know. Don’t much like that Duke fellow. What’s he think he’s doing, practically bringing an invading force with him to present a claim to the throne?” She wrinkles up her muzzle. “I haven’t seen anyone who’s made me think they could handle the responsibility if the Giants come calling again now that King Peter’s gone.”

Dreygan says, “Can’t say I’m fond of it either. Seem to keep to themselves, most of his group.” He tips his head. “Think it needs to be a human? Doesn’t give many options if it does.”

You say, “I don’t know. The Lion didn’t say that exactly, even if it has been a human for the rest of Narnian history. But we’ve few enough humans that aren’t either Archenland’s criminals sent here for one reason or another, or just Archenlanders. I don’t relish the idea of being ruled by an outsider.”

Dreygan grins. “What, you /don’t/ think we should fetch that pair from your home? The woman and her husband, with the pup? Or maybe we could go on a quest to Calormen to track down the right person, sounds like they have enough!”

Caileana huffs. “Adara’s a smart one, but jaded, and I don’t reckon the humans would be too keen to have her anywhere near the throne. And I wouldn’t trust her mate within a league of it.” She thwacks him with her tail, sounding amused. “Sure, if just any ole human would do, but you don’t make just any wolf the Alpha.”

Dreygan snickers. He pulls himself together to heave a mock-sigh, though. “Ah well, there go my chances. I was so hoping the random selection would pick me next round.”

You say, “Aw, I’d put in a good word for you.”

Dreygan smirks. “You sure? You’d have to be ready to take Aliyah back. Don’t think she’d stay in a pack run by me.”

Caileana makes a face. “Well, it wouldn’t be as bad as the first time around, I suppose…she seems a bit more responsible these days.”

Dreygan lifts a shoulder. “Eh, fair enough.”

You ask, “Still, at some point there has to be a limit between how many times you can bounce around between the packs, right?”

Dreygan lays his chin on his paws. “You’d think. Maybe she’d just go off and start her own. She could have… yeah, she could have the marshes.”

You say, “If she wants ’em, she can have ’em.”

Dreygan grins. “So. Planning on staying here until we’ve got someone in place?”

You say, “Probably. Someone has to keep an eye on things and see that the Alphas stay up to date, and the Council was much too busy before I got here to do that in any kind of sufficient manner. And I suppose I should be here to offer Ulfden’s opinion, if anybody asks.”

Dreygan asks, “Have they?”

You say, “Not particularly.”

Dreygan says, “No opinions being asked, not much to report… sounds thrilling.”

You ask, “Why do you think I’m hanging out on the beach, watching the waves?”

Dreygan asks, “Mm. Fair. Ever talk to you?”

You ask, “The waves?”

Dreygan says, “Sure. I hear there are people in there.”

You ask, “That’s what they say, but then it would be the merpeople speaking and not the water, right?”

Dreygan considers this. “Fine, fine. But maybe there’s one, massive naiad of the ocean.”

Caileana makes a doubtful noise. “Seems like a lot of water for one naiad.”

Dreygan asks, “Great River’s a lot too, but it’s got that River God, doesn’t it?”

Caileana says, “Mm, that’s true. It’s still not as big as all that, though,” she pushes her nose at the ocean.

Dreygan pokes a paw at the water. “I’ll have to take your word for it. Well, yours and everyone else’s.”

Caileana nudges him with a paw. “Listen to it, doesn’t it sound bigger than the river?”

Dreygan is quiet for a moment, listening to the waves. “Fiiiine, yes, it sounds very large. And goes for a long way of shore.” He angles his head towards her, smirking. “You’re gonna turn me into Crenna or Drune, sitting here, contemplating beside the ocean.”

Caileana groans. “Do we have to be all thinky about it? Can’t we just enjoy how pretty it is and how nice it smells?”

Dreygan grins. “Might be able to manage that.”

You say, “Thank the Lion.”

Dreygan gets to his feet. “But it’ll have to be another time. Crenna wanted help on a hunt. Don’t get swept away by the ocean, yeah?”

Caileana flashes her fangs in a grin. “I’ll do my best.”

Dreygan begins to trot off. “Good. I want you around for a while still. ‘S more fun. Later, Cail.”

Caileana looks pleased. She calls after him, “Good hunting!”