The Pinecone Game

Caldron Pool(#270R/GKLM)

The best word for this spot might be grandiose. To the west water roars from a fall, where a river somewhere in the western wilds crashes over Narnia’s western border-cliffs to form the great, churning Caldron pool, deep and cold. The path at the edge of the pool forks three ways: east, to follow along the bank of the Great River, north, toward the Gathering Circle and the forest homes, and south fording the relatively small ‘river’ where it continues curving around to the southern side of the pool.
You can go: The Gathering Circle <N>, Along the Great River <E>, South side of the Pool <S>
Contents: A wolf with a white forepaw (Crenna) and A wolf with half of a left ear (Virika).

Virika ahs, “Yeah. We didn’t have fish where I grew up.”

Virika says, “It was a new thing here.”

Crenna nods, “Having Prey around was new for me.”

Virika asks, “Did you have to learn to hunt too?”

Caileana pads towards the Pool from the north.

Crenna shakes her head, “Not here. My,” Her throat catches a bit before she clears it, “My mate, Logain, taught me to hunt.” Her nose twitches and she turns to bark a greeting at Caileana.

Virika smiles and nods to Caileana. She gives Crenna an empathetic look. “I had to learn when I got here–and the alpha at the time wasn’t thrilled.”

Caileana dips her head to Virika and Crenna when her ears lift to catch the sound of their conversation. She moves towards them.

Crenna glances back at Virika, “Oh? I’m sorry that happened.”

Virika smiles, “Well, it made me work–” Her smile fades. “And he never got the chance to test me after a month. He was killed a few weeks later.”

Virika says, “And I guess that’s what started me on the path of who I am today.”

Crenna goes quiet for a minute, “Sir Alden?”

Glyn arrives from the north.

Caileana settles in and sits next to Virika quietly, so as not to interrupt this more serious sounding topic of conversation.

Virika shakes her head, “His son Ryalt. He was a good wolf. A little stern, but very understanding. He was… always affected by his father’s demise–and the situation of the Waste. The Watch has really helped.”

Glyn pads along the southern path, making his way toward the pool, looking tired and likely thirsty.

Crenna nods, “Death has a funny way of affecting Beasts differently.” She turns to Caileana, “How are you, Caileana?”

Caileana offers a faint smile. “I’m well,” she says simply.

Virika smiles at this and barks happily at her brother.

Glyn’s ears perk, and the corners of his lips are quick to follow as he recognizes the gathering. “Evening, all,” he greets, dipping his head.

Crenna nods towards the Wolf, “Hello there, Glyn.”

Caileana dips her head to Glyn, extending her faint smile to him with a quiet, “Scout.”

Virika sits up, tag swishing the grass as it moves. “Brother.”

Glyn takes a long draught from the pool, which renews his slight pant, before returning to sit with the group. “Not intruding, I hope? It almost sounded like Virika was telling a story…” He grins.

Crenna nods, “We were simply swapping stories of our old homes and the new changes we were faced.”

Virika grins a little and teases, “You know in /my/ day we had to walk uphill /both/ ways in the snow.”

Pheeobe arrives from the north.

Caileana coughs and shakes her head, a small grin emerging.

Glyn chuckles. “Yes, we all know how our elders had it so much rougher than he did. I’m not sure how wise it is for wolves to try and best each other on stories of whose past is harshest.”

Crenna laughs at this, “True words, Glyn. Perhaps we should try to best each other in other ways.”

Pheeobe wanders along the pool from the North.

Virika grins and chuckles.

Caileana tips her head. “I fear the healing arts are beginning to bore,” she says dryly, and smirks.

Glyn’s grin turns playfully toothy. “I can think of a few ways, Crenna.”

Crenna smirks back at Caileana, “Tell me that when someone actually get hurt.” She tips her head at Glyn, “I’m sure you do have some ways.”

Pheeobe spots the others gathered by the pool and calls out, “Hello Everyone!”

Virika nods, “Hello Pheeobe.”

Glyn’s head lifts as he cranes around to spot Pheeobe. He breaks into a grin. “Evening, Scout,” he makes a point of saying.

Caileana full on grins at Crenna and then glances over to Pheeobe. She inclines her head in greeting.

Crenna wags her tail, “Hello Pheeobe!”

Pheeobe smiles at everyone and sits down. “What did I miss?”

Glyn says, “A little harmless ribbing is all, so far as I know.”

Virika says, “Yeah.”

You say, “I think Crenna is itching for a fight.”

Crenna blinks, “What gave you that idea?”

Pheeobe smiles at Crenna.

Glyn laughs and corrects, “I think Crenna is being *goaded* into a fight, more like. Don’t worry, Crenna, Cail, is just expert at this.”

Crenna laughs, “Well, I’m not one to back down from a fight though I admit it has been some time since I formally sparred.”

Caileana pffts. “I don’t goad, I persuade,” she says loftily, sticking her nose in the air. “As I’m sure Pheeobe can attest.”

Pheeobe nods to Caileana. “Suuurree.”

Glyn chuckles and shoots Pheeobe a cheeky look. “Good thing you don’t have to follow her orders anymore, eh?”

Virika listens, looking between the others as they talk. She chuckles.

Crenna winks at Pheeobe.

Caileana shoots Glyn a glare.

Glyn grins at Caileana, his ears folded back by way of apology.

Pheeobe holds back a grin.

Virika tilts her head to the side a little.

Virika’s good ear flicks back and forth.

Crenna looks between all the Wolves, “There is a game that we could play that would sharpen our skills as well as be fun? It is a training exercise that we do in Winterden sometimes.”

Caileana eyes Glyn for a beat too long and then humphs and sticks her nose back in the air in exaggerated fashion.

Glyn sneaks in a wink to Caileana, before turning back to Crenna, head cocked. “Oh, what game is that?”

Virika looks to Crenna curiously.

Pheeobe also looks to Crenna.

Crenna grins, “For the lack of a better name, we will call it the pinecone game.” She stands up, shaking out her fur, “First, I need a pinecone.” She eyes the group, “Though we might need teams.”

Pheeobe eyes twinkle and she goes to get a Pinecone. She brings a fairly large one to Crenna and sits back down to listen.

Virika says, “All right, one pinecone.”

Glyn shifts his weight as he watches this preparation. “Teams? This is interesting.”

Caileana listens, ears perked alertly.

Crenna nods, “Okay, so the purpose of the game is to get the pinecone to a certain point.” She glances around, “How about that tree for one team and that bush for another? So one Wolf can only have the pinecone in his or her muzzle at one time. The other team is going to take and get the pinecone away. You can bite, claw, or kick though no attacking the face and the Wolf with the pinecone is allowed to bite, claw, or kick back.”

Pheeobe smiles. “That sounds like good fun!”

Virika says, “Sounds simple enough.”

Glyn frowns in thought. “If we’re carrying the pinecone… how do we bite?”

Caileana nods her understanding.

Crenna flicks her ear, “Well, generally, when one Wolf gets bitten they drop the pinecone and can bite the other back.”

Virika says, “Dibbs on my brother for a team.”

You say, “Pfft, I wanted my former tenderfoot anyways.”

Pheeobe smiles brightly at Caileana, tail wagging. “We are going to take those two down!”

Crenna chuckles, “I guess one team will have three?”

Virika says, “Crenna on our team!”

Virika grins.

Glyn chuckles and shakes his head as he moves to stand loyally by his sister. “This ought to be fun. Don’t think we’re going to go easy on you, Ulfden wolves, just because you’re family!”

Drune pads towards the pool, ears flickering at each and every sound. As he catches sight of the gathering in front of him, he slows.

Crenna smiles, “Okay.” She stands by the siblings. Her nose twitches and she calls out, “Hello, Drune!”

Glyn’s ears lift in surprise at that name, and he turns to look. “Drune?”

Pheeobe looks over to where Glyn turned. “Hello Drune.”

Caileana is about to fire back some taunt at Glyn when she catches Drune’s scent. She stops, tilts her head, and then a moment later swings around to look in Drune’s direction.

Virika nods to Drune, “Drune.”

Drune’s muzzle twitches into a smile as his packmate nears. Offering her a brief nod, he looks over the others. “Hail Ulfden. ” He offers, eyes flickering between each.

Glyn says after an awkward moment. “Welcome, Drune. I think you’re just in time. Crenna is leading us in a game of pinecone, and Caileana and Pheeobe are in need of a third for their team.”

Virika glances between Caileana and her brother.

Pheeobe glances over to Caileana and then nods to Glyn.

Virika looks to Drune and grins, “Feel like helping them out”

Caileana clears her throat and nods, the gesture both a greeting and an agreement. She offers Drune a faint smile.

Crenna looks between Drune, Caileana, and Glyn. She clears her throat, “I guess we can begin now?”

Drune’s brow raises in some surprise. Shooting Caileana and Pheeobe a quick glance, he nods. “Why not…”

Glyn turns away from Caileana and Drune to notice his sister’s look. He gives her shoulder a gentle bump before settling into a stretch. “Ready?”

Pheeobe also begins stretching.

Virika grins at her. “I’m always ready.”

Crenna stands beside Virika, “Ready.”

Caileana pads off to the side and slips out of her satchel.
remove satchel

Drune pads over towards Caileana and Pheeobe, grin plastered across his muzzle.

Pheeobe smiles at Drune. “Ready to take ’em down!”

Caileana assesses Drune, her eyes gleaming. “Well, Winterden,” she says, quiet enough that maybe nobody but Drune and Pheeobe can overhear, “You want to take point? You’re the veteran of this game, after all.”

Pheeobe nods in agreement.

Virika looks to Crenna and her brother. She grins, “Any last tips or plans?”

Crenna mutters to them.

Crenna mumbles “Aim … … … … … the one … … … … … best … we …”, to Glyn and Virika.

Glyn’s grin shows some tooth. He nods to Crenna’s advice. “Will do!”

Virika nods.

Drune snorts. “Veteran indeed… ” he glances over towards the opposing team, gaze calculating. After a moment he mutters to the two.

Drune mumbles “The swiftest of us go directly for the pinecone, the other two protect the one at all costs… Admittedly, it has been some time since last I partook in this event.”, to Caileana and Pheeobe.

Drune mumbles “The … of us … … for the pinecone, … … two protect … one … … … Admittedly, … has … some … … … … … in this …”, to Caileana and Pheeobe.

You ask, “So, me then?”

Pheeobe nods. “I think so…I am not a very fast runner.”

Glyn’s eyes flash with amusement at Pheeobe. “I’m not sure how far any of us will get in this game, Pheeobe, no matter how quick we are.”

Drune looks between the two, offering a quick nod. “Very well. ” he leans in close, muttering once more.

Pheeobe looks over to Glyn for a moment, just long enough to make a face.

Virika whispers to her teammates.

Glyn’s ears flick at the conference, and he leans into his teammates.

Drune mumbles “Caileana, we’ll attempt to stay just ahead of you, facing off against any whom get in your way. Pheeobe, keep just behind, taking on any that pass me.”, to Caileana and Pheeobe.

Drune mumbles “Caileana, we’ll … … stay just ahead … you, facing off against any whom get in your … … keep … … taking on … that … me.”, to Caileana and Pheeobe.

Glyn mumbles “A … of surprise … … like … … course, if … of … sees an opening. … should … make sure … … each … flanks as … we can.”, to Virika and Crenna.

Virika nods.

Crenna nods in agreement. Her ears flick to all the whispers.

Pheeobe nods, looking ready.

Caileana nods her assent.

Drune nods, standing beside his two teamates and awaiting the starting call.

Pheeobe smiles at Caileana and then looks across the way to the other team.

Glyn lines up beside his teammates, ready to spring.

Crenna looks between her teammates, nodding. She suddenly leaps forward, “Go!”

Virika waits for the signal, shoulders tight. She watches for the pinecone.

Caileana’s tail lashes before Crenna gives the go-ahead. She holds herself back for a half-second so Drune and Pheeobe can get in front of her.

Pheeobe gets behind Drune.

Drune leaps forward at Crenna’s call, barreling in the direction of the pine-cone.

Glyn moves forward and to the side so that he and his sister form a fan behind Crenna, ready to receive charge.

Crenna darts forward, grabbing the pinecone. She makes a mad dash towards the tree.

Virika flanks Crenna, moving to be just in front of her and to the side.

Caileana springs after Crenna as fast as her long legs can carry her and snaps at her shoulder.

Pheeobe follows closely after Drune, watching Caileana carefully.

Crenna yelps at the sudden attack. She drops the pine cone due to the yelp.

Drune quickly dives low and turns sharp at the last second, swiping at Virika’s legs in an attempt to throw her off and get himself in front of the pine-cone.

Caileana grabs the pinecone in her teeth and whirls to sprint off towards her own ‘goal’.

Glyn swings and charges toward Caileana butting into her flank to try and knock her off balance.

Pheeobe slows a bit to get close enough to Glyn to try and swing him away.

Virika body checks Drune and takes off after Caileana, snapping at her flank.

Crenna recovers her initial shock, turning to follow after the Pinecone. She charges at Pheeobe to get her away, snapping.

Caileana manages to duck mostly of Glyn’s blow but that brings her right into Virika’s bite. She winces around the pinecone and it slips out of her mouth. Caileana gives a small growl of frustration.

Pheeobe runs toward Virika to stop her but is blocked by Crenna. She winces and continues forward as fast as she can to stop Virika, coming in too late.

Drune grunts as he is shoved off. A mere split-second later, he darts after Virika, leaping up and attempting to latch onto her back with his teeth.

Glyn sprints in to grab the pinecone in the confusion, and bolts back toward the tree.

Virika yelps loudly and whirls on Drune, snarling. She goes for his shoulder.

Crenna follows Glyn closely. She winces at Drune’s bite, shooting him a glare.

Pheeobe chases after Glyn in the chaos and, when she is close enough, goes in for a bite.

Caileana darts after Pheeobe and Glyn, coming up to bite at his opposite side.

Crenna growls as Caileana closes in. She bites her but not before she can get to Glyn.

Drune flinches, twisting hard and leaping to her right. Planting his forepaws firmly, he kicks out his hind-paws at her before bounding back into the main brawl.

Glyn seemed almost able to shake off the stinging nips, but with wolves closing in on either side, he’s unable to keep his footing over the rocks and roots, and trips, dropping the pinecone.

Virika pushes herself up, snapping at Drune’s foot that kicked at her as she rushes toward her brother to help.

Caileana bats the pinecone with a paw and it bounces towards Pheeobe and away from Crenna’s harrying.

Pheeobe takes the pinecone and turns to run towards the rock.

Glyn recovers his footing in the end, and lopes after Pheeobe, nipping at her hind legs just as they come in reach.

Drune is on Glyn a breath later, coming at him hard from the side. At the last second he leaps up, jaws wide and dives into his side at full sprint.

Crenna leaps toward Drune to get him off Glyn. She aims for his legs.

Pheeobe is surprised by the bite and drops the pinecone.

Virika bolts wide, coming around. She darts in, grabbing the pinecone and booking it for their goal.

Glyn whirls about to bite back at Drune.

Pheeobe chases after Virkia.

Pheeobe bites at Virika’s legs.

Caileana isn’t quite in time to defend Pheeobe from Glyn, and she lets Drune get after him instead, running after Virika after a pause to see who has the pinecone now.

Virika grimaces a little but keeps running, increasing her speed at the feel of Pheeobe’s teeth. She begins to jump back and forth in a zig zag pattern as she makes her way toward the goal.

Drune’s catches sight of Caileana going after the pinecone. Using his opponents focus on him, he whips around and snaps at his packmate shoulder.

Glyn scans the clearing before deciding to sprint after Caileana, nipping it her heels to distract her from chasing his sister.

Pheeobe continues on the chase after Virika and bites at her shoulder.

Crenna shakes off the nip, instead running after Virika. She bites Pheeobe to prevent her from catching up to Virika.

Caileana gives a particularly spectacular flying leap so she can attempt to land atop Virika and bite her back, grimacing as Glyn catches her backpaw as she jumps.

Virika body checks Pheeobe at the bite, wincing but unrelenting the pine cone. When she studies again, she feels Caileana, grunting. She eyes her goal, trying to move faster. She kicks back at Caileana as she moves.

Drune rips away from Crenna, realizing Virika’s move to finish this. Bounding after her, he once again leaps up and attempts to latch onto her back.

Virika growls over the pinecone, dropping her front feet to slide and let Drune fly off her back and over her head. She maintains her grip on the pinecone and pushes herself up.

Glyn struggles to yank Caileana back from Virika.

Pheeobe stumbles a bit at the body check but a second later is back on Virika’s tail, biting for the pinecone.

Crenna kicks into over drive as Virika tries to reach the goal. She continues snapping at Pheeobe.

Caileana lets out a soft noise of pain and gives up on Virika for the moment to lash out at Glyn defensively.

Virika’s teeth clamp down on the pinecone as she feels Pheeobe’s bite and she yowls deeply. A loud *CRUNCH* is hear and suddenly Virika’s spitting and snarling and saying some foul words, all the while trying not to choke.

Drune tumbles forward, grunting all the way. Yet, he his unrelenting, as he up once more and leaping in her direction. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize Virika nearly choking until it is too late.

Virika kicks at Drune, snarling through pinecone debris, “Back /off/.”

Bits and pieces of pinecone fly about and drop to the ground.

Pheeobe stops, looking concerned as Virika chokes.

Virika says, “Oh this is /awful/!” She spits out the remains of their plaything.

Glyn frowns at the exchange and draws himself up. “Hold, everyone. Is something wrong?”

Crenna slams on the brakes, turning to leap in front of the two. She says a bit firmly, “Hold! The game is done.”

Virika hacks once more, tongue flailing about as she tries to ride herself of the terrible piney taste.

Virika makes a variety of disgusted faces.

Caileana makes a sympathetic face. “Gross,” she ventures.

Drune lets out a surprised yelp, being caught off guard by the force of the kick before hitting the ground with a loud /thud/. Shaking the stars from his eyes, he looks up quickly towards Virika, expression a mask of concern.

Pheeobe watches sympathetically. “So sorry…”

Glyn observes, “I think this might have got a bit more competitive than intended. It might be best to call a draw for today.”

Crenna snaps into her healer mood, her voice both gentle but firm. She takes a step forward towards the she-wolf. “May I see your tongue, Virika?”

Virika lolls her tongue out, making a disgusted ‘aaaah’ sound, asking around her tongue, “Ish thiths gonna *cough* klill me?”

Pheeobe watches Crenna work, frowning.

Caileana sits down and starts to clean a few surface bites of her own while keeping an eye on Virika. She resists the urge to laugh, though a small giggle does escape.

Crenna chuckles, “Hardly.” The Small Wolf peers into the Hunter’s mouth, “It doesn’t seem too bad. Let’s get it washed out.” She nudges Virika towards the water, “Unfortunately, you might just have to let it heal on its own.”

Glyn decides against laughing at his sister when she is annoyed. He cleans his own cuts while keeping an ear cocked.

Virika’s gaze darts to Caileana as she draws her tongue back in. She follows Crenna to the Pool, whining, “Are you sure? Because it /tastes/ like it might–I think it might have actually tried to kill me!”

Virika’s muzzle is up at the corners, even if her mood is still a little sour.

Pheeobe giggles a little at this.

Drune stands, concern leaving his expression as he sees Crenna step in. Shaking himself out, he watches the two in silence for a moment before glancing skyward, frowning.

Crenna smirks a bit, “Well, I do hear that the tree root king is always trying to kill Wolves.” She nods towards the water, “Let’s rinse and see where we are.”

Caileana buries her nose in her long shoulder fur so that her grin is not visible, though her shoulders do shake slightly.

Glyn observes, “Well, it was a good game as long as it lasted.” He shoots a small grin to the Winterden wolves. “A curious pastime. Thank-you for teaching us.”

Pheeobe moves to sit by Glyn and Caileana.

Drune grins, looking over at Glyn. “Our pleasure… hopefully our next bout will uh… ” he chuckles, stealing a glance at virika. “not leave such a bitter taste in some of our mouths. ” he chuckles. “But, unfortunately, you will have to excuse me. ”

Virika plunges her muzzle into the water, shaking her head back and forth as she tries to clear the taste. She snaps her muzzle open and shut several times as well before lifting it. She turns and shoots a mouthful of water at Drune, wrinkling her nose.

Glyn barks out a laugh. “I think you had *better* excuse yourself after that, Drune.”

Crenna shoots her packmate a warning glare. “Good bye, Drune.” She trots over to her satchel, muttering to herself.

Crenna mumbles “Where is … wood … … know…ah, here it …”, to Crenna.

Virika smirks and retorts, “At least some of us aren’t all wet.”

Caileana emerges to nod at Drune.

Virika licks her muzzle several times, nose still wrinkled.

Virika mumbles “… I … /still/ taste it.”, to Virika.

Drune blinks and fails to duck away from her spew. Letting out a snort, he shoots her a smirk and shakes the water off him. “Fair enough! ” he calls before nodding to the others. “Farewell. ” With that, he bounds off.

Pheeobe licks her own wounds and watches at Drune leaves.

Crenna trots back over to Virika, a small yellow flower in her teeth. She sets it down gently, “This is Wood Sorrel. It treats scratches left by Gorse so it might help aid the healing process on your tongue.” She makes her face, “Though it isn’t pleasant, it is the only plant we Wolves can eat without having some side effects.”

Virika sniffs it, examining the flower curiously. “Thanks.”

Glyn checks the stars and trots over to join his sister. “I should be heading back to the tower. You going to be okay?”

Virika tentatively eats the flower.

Pheeobe watches Virika eat the flower and then looks to Glyn.

Virika grins and gently noses his shoulder. “Yeah. After a little more belly aching.” She teases. She becomes more serious, “And I got Crenna here to help.”

Caileana pads closer to the group.

Glyn shares a smile with his sister and then Crenna. “Good. Perhaps this game will have brought our packs closer together after all. Thank-you, Crenna.”

Crenna looks a bit embarrassed, “It’s my job after all.” She does smirk a bit cheekily and says, “Good thing healing arts aren’t always a bore.”

Pheeobe laughs at Crenna. “Good night, Glyn.”

Glyn turns to Pheeobe and Caileana to bid them both, “Good night”.

Virika nods, “Good night brother.”

Caileana bobs her head to Glyn and murmurs, “G’night.”

Crenna offers her ‘good night’ as well.

Virika puts on her satchel.

Pheeobe watches after Glyn as he leaves.

Caileana looks Virika over and then wanders down to the Pool’s edge and laps at the water.

Crenna turns to look at Virika, “Are you feeling any better?”

Virika licks her muzzle several times, then nods. “Yeah!”

Pheeobe lays her head on her legs and watches Virika

Crenna wags her tail, “Good.” She stands with an groan, shaking out one of her legs, “If you need anything, don’t hesitant to come find me or Paneaca.” The small Wolf picks up her satchel, “I need to go rest for now.”

Virika nods, “Will do.” She stands and stretches, then grimaces a little, looking over her shoulder. “I might do that based on how sore I am tomorrow.”

Pheeobe lifts her head and apologizes again. “I am sorry.”

You say, “Pinecones maybe a no-go in future.”

Virika hehs, “Well, maybe if we could find some that didn’t crunch so nastily.”

Pheeobe nods. “Maybe a stick…” She seems to think this over and then shakes her head. “No..that would be bad too.”

Pheeobe ahs. “Maybe a dead squirrel or mouse!”

Crenna smirks, “We tried a rock once.” She nods to everyone, “Farewell,” and trots off.

Virika nods, “Night Crenna!”

Virika says, “I like the idea if a mouse or squirrel.”

You say, “A rock sounds dangerous. ”

Pheeobe nods.

You say, “Game might be okay. I wonder if Adara might have something we could borrow. Stands to reason that pup of hers might have some toy we could use, like a leather ball or something. ”

Virika pauses, “Adara? The human on the Watch with the troubled history, right?”

Caileana tilts her head slightly at this description, but she doesn’t dispute it. She nods.

Pheeobe tilts her head to Virika. “Troubled history?”

Virika nods. “Yeah. Just stuff they went through before they got on the Watch and here. They have’t caused trouble with us so….” She shrugs. “Guess they’re past it.”

Pheeobe smiles. “Good!” She accepts this answer and begins looking up at the tops of the trees.

Caileana snorts and says something to herself.

Caileana mumbles “Don’t know if past it is the phrase I would use.”, to Caileana.

Caileana mumbles “Don’t … if … … is … phrase I would use.”, to Caileana.

Pheeobe brings her nose back down and watches as a mouse scurries by.

Pheeobe captures a mouse!

Virika grins at Pheeobe, “Getting us a toy for the next game of pinecone?”

Pheeobe smiles. “Nah…I will but this one is my snack.”

Caileana chuckles.

Virika laughs and grins.

Pheeobe downs it happily, tail wagging.

Caileana stretches. “I should probably turn in,” she says, with a glance at the sky.

Virika says, “And now I want a snack… I wonder if we have any mice in the den.”

Pheeobe laughs at Virika. “I think I will go for a small hunt.”

Virika nods, “I will see you both around then.”

Caileana nods. “Good night, you two.”

Pheeobe smiles. “Night. See you two later.”

Pheeobe heads into the trees.