Rabbit dash

South side of the Caldron Pool(#278R/KLM)
Hereabouts is a small path that borders the Caldron Pool. It curves northeast, crossing the smaller stream that flows out of the pool just north
of here, and leads to the north side and the wood that lies beyond. Where you stand now is clear, but sheltered by the cliffs. To the southwest, a cave
opening can be seen leading into a den of some sort. Further on to the south, the path continues and eventually disappears into a lush green little meadow. The south side of Lantern Waste stretches on to the southwest.
You can go: Into a Meadow <S>, Downstream <E>, North <N>
Contents: A wolf with half of a left ear (Virika); An unicorn stallion with a marred flank (Petraverd); and A squirrel.

Virika asks, “How was the trip?”

Petraverd swishes his tail, smiling a bit. “It was good… been a while since Peridot and I had a chance to visit Sted Cair, and Quicksilver had a good time. I
think the three of us kind of needed it, in a manner of speaking… but it’s good to be home again, too.”

Caileana pads along the Pool from the north, her nose to the ground. She seems to be tracking some small rodents, as she pounces and crushes a mouse in her teeth shortly after she comes into view.

Ruby comes trotting across the stream toward you.

Virika nods thoughtfully.

Petraverd shakes out his mane. “Cities make for a fine visit, but the bustle gets to be a bit much after a while. Good to be back in the familiar again.”

Trianna comes trotting across the stream toward you.

Caileana is sitting down to nibble at the mouse when she hears Virika and Petraverd’s voices. She looks up, ears perking, and pads towards them.

Ruby trots across the pool of water, splashing rather loudly, and whinnies as she sees a large-ish group of Narnians.

Petraverd lets out a low whinny as Ruby comes into view, and nods to Caileana as she approaches.

Trianna trots into the Cauldron pool, letting the water swirl around her.

Virika nods to Caileana and smiles, “Scout.”

Caileana dips her head. “Hello, Hunter, Petraverd.” She looks over and nods again to Ruby with a smile.

Ruby trots closer to the gathering and nods to all in turn. “Hullo, Petraverd, Caileana.” She looks at Virika with a thoughtful look in her eye. “I don’t know your name.”

Kiyon comes walking toward you out of a meadow to the south.

Trianna trots out from the Cauldron Pool and shakes off. She spots the gathering and trots over.

Petraverd lets out a soft nicker as Trianna approaches.

Virika nods to the unicorn, “I am Virika, Hunter of Ulfden.”

Caileana nods once more to Trianna.

Ruby nods to Virika as well, saying “My name is Ruby. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She nods a greeting to Trianna as well. “I was just passing through…heading back to the Cail.”

Kiyon carries a large pack, slung over his shoulder. He walks slowly under the weight, bobbing his head in a friendly manner to the group gathered by the Pool.

Petraverd grins a bit, letting out a whinny in Kiyon’s direction and gesturing him over with a small jerk of his head.

Trianna dips her head to the gathering and whinnies softly.

Caileana sits down next to Virika and smiles faintly at Kiyon’s approach.

Ruby nods a greeting to Kiyon before trotting towards the South.

Kiyon lowers his pack to the ground and nods once more to everyone, “Hello, friends.” He smiles back to Petraverd.

Ruby trots south, entering the meadow.

Petraverd grins. “Hello, Kiyon. How does the day find you?”

Virika nods to Kiyon.

Kiyon nods, “Good, thanks. I’ve put in a bit of training on my own today, and that went well enough. And how is everyone?”

Trianna flicks an ear and cranes her neck to look at everyone. “Very glad to see friends here.”

Petraverd grins, giving his tail a small flick. “Good to hear. I’m doing fairly well, myself.”

Virika nods to everyone, “If you’ll excuse me, I should make sure I find something to bring back to the den.”

Virika crosses the stream, heading for the north side of the pool.

Caileana says, “I’m well enough.” She glances to Virika and dips her head.

Kiyon has disconnected.

Trianna looks at Petraverd and gives a cheerful whinny. “Welcome back to the Wastes herd brother. You were missed.”

Petraverd hehs, scuffing a hoof in the grass. “I missed the Waste, too. Sted Cair’s nice for a time, but it’s good to be home.”

Caileana glances between the two unicorns quietly, ears twitching.

Trianna shifts her weight and gives an equine grin. “Do you have your official orders?”

Petraverd flicks an ear. “For the most part. The High King and I still need to work out a few more details before we properly get things going in earnest, but I imagine things will be progressing fairly soon.”

Caileana stays silent.

Trianna says, “Welcome home. Congrats for winning second in the melee. I am unsure if that was communicated to you.” She turns her ears and gaze to Caileana. “Well done, to you. I heard you fought well.””

Petraverd chuckles as he glances to Caileana. “As I said earlier, clearly I’m not the only one who’s put some time into training lately.”

Caileana bows her head. “Thank you, Trianna,” she says simply. She smiles faintly at Petraverd. “I see no use in growing stagnant with my skills. There is always room for improvement.”

Petraverd nods a bit. “I’ve often said the same.”

Trianna says, “There seems much to improve for..if not for ourselves, than for others protection. I am grateful the border has been quiet.”

Caileana nods. “I think we are all grateful for that.”

Petraverd simply nods his own agreement, flicking his tail.

Trianna asks, “So what did you all think of the foreigners?”

You say, “I didn’t really observe them that much, but their Prince fought well, I must say.”

Petraverd flicks an ear. “I had a few opportunities to talk with Sir Darrin a little, I rather liked him.” He chuckles a bit. “Must admit I grew a bit attached to Prince Corin during my time in Sted Cair, too.”

Trianna looks rather pained. “You mean neither of you couldn’t smell that funny dressed son of adam? I must say I do not like the smell of the desert.”

Caileana tips her head, blinking. “Which one?”

Petraverd merely jerks his head in an equine shrug.

Petraverd flicks an ear as he glances skyward. “Getting later than I’d expected… I’ve things that need to be done this evening.” He nods to the others. “As such I should probably take my leave. A good day to you both.”

Skarlieth comes walking across the stream toward you.

Trianna dips her head to Petraverd. She smiles at the wolf. “His name was Rabbit dash. He doesnt look like a rabbit, but thats humans for you.”

Caileana bows her head to Petraverd. “And I need to be on my way back to the den soon.” She pauses. “Oh, that one. No, I never got close enough to him to smell him.”

Skarlieth glides towards the two from over Cauldron Pool, wings beating slowly as he nears.

Caileana gets to her paws. “Well, I need to get going. Good to see you, Trianna. Take care.” She pads off northwards.