Drune Leaves the Guard

Practice List Cavern
This cavern is considerably smaller than the others, but it has the same rough-hewn appearance that reveals it’s dwarf-carved origin rather than a natural one. Some lanterns hang here to illuminate the cavern, their flames casting a flickery orange-green glow that dances on the stone walls and ceiling. The chamber is approximately round, and at the center of the room there are several wooden boxes set up, around which you can see the remnants of straw and torn burlap. At the distant end of the room, Chinafar the dwarf sits with a thick needle and twine, sewing more targets together for patrons to use for practice.
You can go: Main Cavern <N>
Contents: A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye; A son of adam with dark hair and sparkling green eyes (Kiyon); A wolf with a slight limp (Pheeobe); A wolf with scars over both of his eyes (Drune); Chinafar; and PROCLAMATION: WANTED.

Kiyon blinks as his eyes come to rest on Drune’s foreleg. His eyebrows shoot up in surprise, “Home?” He repeats back to the rugged wolf.

Adara nods. “Good.”

Pheeobe looks at Drune with her eyebrows high. “They?”

Caileana pads into the cavern, her claws clickaing against the stone.

Drune hehs, shooting Adara a small nod before looking to the three as a whole. “Yes. My time with the Guard has drawn to a close. ” he swallows, jaw clenching.

Kiyon makes visible effort to /not/ have a gaping mouth or eyes like saucers, but still the surprise is evident. His gaze softens some and he studies Drune silently for a moment.

Adara asks, “Not temporary, then?”

Pheeobe looks Drune over and over again until her surprise wanes.

Caileana’s ears perk as she picks up on the atmosphere in the room. She pauses for a brief moment before padding over besides Pheeobe. “Evening, everyone,” she says cautiously.

Drune’s ears flick towards Caileana, offering her a brief nod before looking back to Adara. “No, not temporary. I am returning to stay. ” he returns, expression remaining sober.

Kiyon cants his head and studies Drune curiously. “You’re leaving, friend?”

Adara nods. “Well, then, best of luck to you.” She gives Caileana a cursory greeting.

Pheeobe glances at Caileana, dips her head, and returns to looking at Drune. “Can I ask why?”

Caileana’s muzzle creases in a confused-looking expression, although she seems to be picking up on the jist of this conversation and the expression clears momentarily only to lapse into befuddlement. She eyes Drune, clearly waiting for his answer to Pheeobe’s question.

Drune’s expression gains a hint of sadness as he nods to Kiyon. “I am. ” he returns before looking to Pheeobe and nodding. “Winterden has called for me… ” he pauses, looking for his next words as he looks between the three. “She is in a time of transition and, while not weakened, could use the help. ” he glances down briefly. “More importantly, they are my family and I have come to realize just how much I need them and, truly, how much I belong there. Serving on the Guard has been both an honor and a dream I never imagined I would have opporunity of living out. Lion knows how much I wanted to see a group such as the Guard form. ” he shakes his head. “But, when it all comes down to it, I came to the Guard to serve Narnia and protect those I care for the most, my family. They have expressed their need and so I answer. ” he finishes.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye crosses her arm over her stomach to let the others react.

Pheeobe thinks about this for a moment and slowly nods. “We will miss you Drune…”

Caileana shifts on her paws, her stance widening. She narrows her eyes at Drune and licks her lips, a crease between her eyes. She doesn’t say anything, merely inclines her head, and her gaze is…calculating, in a word.

Kiyon studies the straw-covered floor as he sifts through Drune’s words. His expression is solemn and he nods to the wolf. “Protecting those dearest to you while here in the Guard is honorable and I have enjoyed serving our land with you. And though, admittedly, I am sorry to see you go I would not wish to keep you away from your family especially in a time of need. Know that your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed, my friend. I am glad to have had you with us.”

Drune nods to Pheeobe, shooting her a soft smile. “I will miss you all as well.” then addressing the group once more. “Truly, it has been an honor to serve alongside some of Narnia’s finest. And, as I mentioned to the Commanders, Winterden’s aid is only a messenger away. ”

Adara asks, “When do you leave?”

Pheeobe looks down at her paws and leans into Caileana a little bit, unable to say anything else.

Caileana, with her paws planted as they are, doesn’t budge when Pheeobe leans into her. She reaches over and noses the top of her Tenderfoot’s head before casting a suspicious look at Drune which fades into an unreadable expression. “I’m certain Tempest will welcome your presence,” she says, voice perhaps a touch cool.

Drune replies to Adara. “Tomorrow night is the hope… I have a few things I am looking to wrap up around here before setting off. ” he shoots a glance in Caileana’s direction, simply nodding in return to this.

Kiyon sucks in a breath and exhales slowly, hefting his belongings. “I’m sure we’ll get a chance to talk further before you leave… that is my hope, anyway. Unfortunately, I must depart for the eve.” He pauses, unable to find his words. “Be well.” He manages and turns to go.

Drune’s eyes flicker to Kiyon and he nods. “Farewell, Kiyon. I shall see if I can catch you tomorrow. ”

Kiyon shoots a glance Drune’s way and smiles faintly. “I would like that.” He slips out of the cavern and into the night.

Caileana nods to Kiyon.

Kiyon walks north.

Adara says, “See you, Kiyon.”

Pheeobe straightens back out and watches Kiyon leave.

Drune watches Kiyon leave before letting his gaze fall back to his foreleg, expression growing a bit distant.

Caileana frowns.

Adara says, “Well… perhaps I’ll leave you folks to have it out.”

Drune glances at Adara. “You don’t have to go.. ” he replies simply.

Pheeobe looks around. “I should go too…” She frowns at Drune and leave Caileana’s side. “I hope you are happy with your choice…I miss miss you but I wish you all the best.”

Caileana says coolly, “That’s unnecessary, Adara. I was just leaving.” When Pheeobe speaks, she gives a nod and says, “I’ll walk back with you, Pheeobe.”

Adara picks up the target she had come to get. “I got to bring this back to my husband.”

Drune nods once more to Adara. “Farewell then. ” he returns before looking back to the other two Ulfden wolves and letting out a wry snort. “And to you both as well.”

Pheeobe gives him one last smile before coming back to Caileana’s side. “Alrighty….you ready?”

Caileana inclines her head to Drune and then, glancing to Pheeobe, nods.

Drune nods to them one final time before slowly beginning to make his way out of the cavern himself, though it is a good way behind the others.