Attempting Not to Panic

Ulfden Clearing
You stand in the midst of a clearing in the woods. Tall trees surround you on all sides, with a wooded hill looming over you to the west. Little sunlight streams through the foliage of the trees above. Rocks jut from the ground and hill, giving the clearing a wilder look. Jutting out of the wooded hill to the west is a rocky overhang casting a slight shadow around the entrance to what seems like a cave. A scraggily wolf pads back and forth before the entrance, glancing your way.

The clearing ends in a rock path leading through scattered trees to the east.

A small cave entrance dwells underneath the overhang to the west.
You can go: In the Cave <W>, East <E>
Contents: A wolf with grizzled coat and emerald eyes (Glyn); A wolf with half of a left ear (Virika); A wolf with untrusting and piercing eyes (Aliyah); and Beo.

Caileana is seated next to Beo outside the den. Her expression is worried, shoulders set in a tense line. She gets to her paws abruptly and starts pacing.

Virika pads out of the den and gives herself a good shake.

Glyn arrives along the eastern path, his ears pricked alertly as he looks about for someone.

Aliyah pads towards the den in search of someone. she, too, has a worried expression on her face, but it is probably not for the same reason as Caileana.

Caileana’s ears prick and she seems to notice Glyn’s approach first. She sniffs, looking disappointed when she sees who it is, and pads quickly towards him. “Glyn! You haven’t seen the Alpha about, have you? I need to speak with him. Now.”

Virika frowns and asks as she pads out, “What’s going on?” She nods to the other wolves gathered.

Glyn hesitates a step at the sudden demand, but moves to join the others, dipping his head in greeting. “I was hoping you might be able to direct me to them yourself, actually. What’s happened?”

Aliyah spots Virika and pads to her in a slow fashion, ears back. She ignores the other conversation for now.

Caileana stops, glances at the other two wolves, and gives them a brief nod. She takes a breath, and then says urgently, “Tainn is in the Great Woods. Tempest has gone after her alone, and Drune is supposed to be getting permission from Petraverd to follow her, but they’re going down there. Alone.” She scowls darkly, the concern evident in her eyes.

Virika’s ear and a half flatten against her skull and her look becomes dark. She takes a step closer to Aliyah before her ears fly forward. “Has Winterden been alerted of this?–What about the Royal Family?!”

Virika leans over to Aliyah.

Virika mumbles “… … … right?”, to Aliyah.

Indra comes trotting towards you from the east.

Aliyah turns suddenly at the mention of Tempest and this… Tainn. She closes her eyes, thinking back to when she’s heard this name before, and her mouth drops. Glancing back at Virika, she replies in a soft tone.

A frown forms on Glyn’s muzzle, and he watches Virika’s reaction closely. “Tainn… I have heard of her reputation, but it’s all been quite vague. What should we know, Virika?”

Aliyah mumbles “We … speak … … …”, to Virika.

You exclaim, “Tempest /is/ Winterden. She has been made Alpha, since Zayev has gone to war with King Peter and taken several of their Wolves. I don’t think anyone else has been informed, though – Drune got the news and then they both decided to drop everything and rush down there. Drune nearly didn’t stay to even inform Petraverd!” She looks irritated.

Glyn’s eyes widen. “Tempest?!”

Indra enters the clearing, smelling of the forest border, indicating she has been on patrol for the guard.

Virika gives a small nod to Aliyah and remains close to her, “I understand Tempest is Winterden but she has been away for some time and was not there when I made the trip earlier this summer! Nor did I know she was made Alpha–Alphas should not be so far out of their territory… but then, I cannot blame her with packmates such as Ayden and Dusk.” She snorts and snarls, “Tainn is a treacherous beast of the worst kind–she was involved in the deaths of two Alphas from what I heard, tho she was before my time.”

Caileana nods to Glyn. She says, “And she kidnapped and tortured Tempest.”

Aliyah’s eyes widen further. “I was looking for her… I had no idea she’d left.”

You say, “Tempest just got the news yesterday that she was made Alpha in Zayev’s absence. She has been wandering since her mother’s death.”

Virika growls, “She also had a part in the death of a founder of Winterden if I remember correctly.”

Glyn frowns deeply and forces himself to sit. He goes silent for a while as he considers. “So… what do you we know of Tainn’s actions and intentions since she’s returned?”

Indra asks, “Tainn?”

You say, “Drune was informed that Chiara – some resident of the Great Woods, I believe – was found injured, and that Winterden wolves were seen in the area as well as Tainn. That’s all I belive they know.”

Virika looks over and nods to Indra, her expression grave. She nods. She spits a reply to her brother, “Clearly she hasn’t reformed. Any time that wolf turns up it’s trouble.”

Caileana glances up and over at Indra’s voice, and nods to her.

Glyn asks, “I see. So they do not know for a fact that she has committed any crime there yet, but they must be prepared for the worst?”

Aliyah paces a bit but remains close to Virika. “That is where Crenna and Dreygan are staying… Well near it. Do you think they will be in danger?” She looks as if she’s ready to run all the way to the Woods in a night.

You say, “It is Tainn. I should say they should be more than prepared. ”

Virika looks at her brother and for a moment she almost appears to be ready to spit fire. “Why does it matter no crime has been committed YET! SHe hasn’t been brought to justice for the crimes she’s /already/ committed!” She shakes her head and looks to Aliyah, trying to sooth her tenderfoot while containing her own agitation, “Sted Cair is too near the castle for Tainn… I don’t think she’d risk it.”

Aliyah glances towards Virika. “Not even in the woods around it?”

You say, “The point being, I need to find the Alphas. I don’t want those two facing her alone. They need back-up. I want to go with them.”

Indra asks, “Perhaps this is the job of the guard?”

Glyn stiffens at his sister’s outburst but does not address it directly. He nods to Caileana. “If Tempest is the Alpha, has she made clear what help Winterden wants?”

Virika nods to Indra, “It most certainly is!” She looks to Caileana, “You wouldn’t be alone, but this is bigger than us!”

Virika looks to Glyn, trying to calm herself, “You’re second in command, can’t you help?” She almost sounds desperate.

Aliyah looks confused but keeps her mouth clamped shut. ‘How can one wolf be bigger than all of us’, she thinks.

Caileana growls. “Not if they’re not willing to wait. And that doesn’t change my wanting to help.”

Indra gives a small nod to Aliyah.

Glyn’s muzzle tightens. “There are many things we might do to help, and many ways we might make the situation worse. Certainly, the guard would stand ready to help, but we need to know more. Who has the best information in the Waste? Is that Drune?”

Caileana nods, takes a breath. “I should think so, assuming he hasn’t already left. Also, whatever leopard just gave from there to give Drune the news, though he didn’t say who it was.”

Aliyah exclaims, “Sigyn!”

Virika hms softly, ears pressing against her skull. “If we send word, it would be faster on air… you know the leopard?”

Aliyah says, “It had to be Sigyn… She was speaking with Skarlieth earlier today.”

Caileana dips her head. “As you say, then. There aren’t many of them in the Waste.”

Aliyah says, “There are two here, though the one has traveled as of late… which is Sigyn.”

Virika kneads the ground with her paws, looking anxious.

Glyn nods. “We should put out word then that Drune and Sigyn should speak with the guard as soon as possible. If we can assemble the herd dominant and the Alphas for the same interview, it might save considerable time.”

You say, “But will that be enough time? Tempest is already down there, alone.”

Indra says, “She’s not alone. She has her pack.”

Virika nods, “And she’s near the castle–surely she will seek out the Royal Family!”

Aliyah shoots a look to Caileana and nods. “And Crenna… The pack was sparse when we were there.. save for Ayden and Dusk. How much help will they be?”

Caileana doesn’t look completely convinced. “What remains of her pack are a number of wolves who don’t know her or trust her, however, since she hasn’t been back. I’m not sure they can be relied upon.”

Aliyah says, “That makes perfect sense…”

Virika frowns a little. “Cail, rushing off headlong to help her won’t solve any problems–besides, there’s no guarantee Tainn will /stay/ in the Great Woods. She’s crafty and sly. She’s slipped in and out of Narnia before. She can do it again.”

Glyn shakes his head. “If that is her difficulty, Caileana, wolves of Ulfden won’t solve it. I think we can trust her to be canny and cautious.”

Glyn nods to his sister. “And another possibility to consider: what if this is a distraction intended to divert our forces from guarding the border?”

Virika looks to Aliyah, “We can send word on wings to warn Crenna and Dreygan–tell them to keep to Sted Cair and be on the look out.” She looks to her brother and nods. “That is my own fear–besides…” She looks to Caileana, “A bunch of Ulfden showing up in Winterden territory unannounced won’t look good either.”

Virika says, “Especially if they think Tempest asked for help our help–and I’m not sure she has yet–without telling them.”

Virika’s eyes darkened, “Besides… The last time Tainn was down there with Uldfen wolves, one of them almost got killed.”

Glyn nods to Virika. “Sending a winged messenger sounds very wise, and shouldn’t wait. Whatever intelligence Tempest can return to us would be most useful too.”

You say, “I told her I would ask permission to go down there, and she was amenable. That seems like asking for help to me.”

Caileana sinks her claws into the ground, looking agitated.

Aliyah still looks concerned, muscles twitching here and there. She turns and speaks to Virika quietly again.

Glyn takes a deep breath. “Well, if Ulfden wishes to send you, that is the Alphas’ affair. I do believe that they will want to understand the danger they send any of their wolves to, though, and will ask many of these same questions first.”

Aliyah mumbles “I only met … a few days ago when Drune … around. … … and … … … … … talk… … … considering … … … typically am. I … … … do … as … but with … news… she … need …”, to Virika.

Virika says coldly, “Caileana, Eirwyn was nearly /killed/ when she and Nilke were down there to apprehend Tainn. We can’t just rush into this blindly.”

Virika leans over and nods to Aliyah, replying.

Glyn’s ears flick at Virika and Aliyah. “You mentioned Drune… what are you talking about?”

Caileana sighs. “And that is the reason I didn’t leave with Tempest last night. I’ve rushed into enough situations blindly, but that doesn’t change my fear at waiting while Drune and Tempest go down there alone.”

Aliyah nods in agreement with Cail… for the second time in one night.

Virika mumbles “Tempest has … … and … think … … into her … … for … her experiences. … I agree, … need … … … leaders … … be informed and will … her … If … … rush … there, it … … … trap.”, to Aliyah.

Indra says, “I think some trust must be given to the other beasts of Narnia as we efficiently but carefully consider our own moves.”

You say, “And if Eirwyn and Nilke weren’t enough to take her on, then that only heightens my concern.”

Aliyah flicks her tail. “A trap of what sort?”

Virika looks to Indra and nods firmly in agreement. She looks to Caileana, “Eirwyn was not yet the Alpha she was today and Nilke… had her own reasons for being there. At the time, we were at odds with Winterden who was housing Tainn and the werewolf–under false pretenses. They had been lied to- grievously.”

Glyn shoots Indra a grateful, if tight, smile. “We’re all concerned, Cail, but we’ll be the best help to Winterden if we stay calm.”

Caileana nods in a fashion that seems to include both Indra and Virika. She sighs after Glyn’s comment and says in begrudging agreement, “Noted.”

Aliyah mumbles “You speak … … … … what … would this be? Leave some … … … … … border issue. … do not want … … … … Dreygan … if … … this …”, to Virika.

Virika grunts softly, her muzzle tightening a little. She considers this a moment before replying.

Indra glances over the muttered conversation.

Virika mumbles “I … … … the past, she has played … … … madness… … … … … She … about as she pleases, … to slip … guards and … … … … has a taste … … … of … … could be … the … … … … … … … want … … everyone … she’s still alive… … … problem. … don’t … … she’s … …”, to Aliyah.

Aliyah lets out a low growl.

Aliyah mumbles “Feigned madness? … does …”, to Virika.

Glyn looks at Virika and blurts, “I would appreciate hearing what you’re talking about.”

Virika looks at her brother, “Past habits of Tainn and the tricks she’s used… as well as what her motives could be.”

Caileana says flatly, “Could be useful information for the entire group, seeing as how I only really know about Tempest’s experiences, which are certainly a very small percentage of that Wolf’s actions.”

Glyn takes a breath. He nods. “I could do with the same kind of refresher, to be honest.”

Aliyah digs her paw into the ground and glances at Virika.

Aliyah mumbles “I … … … … … Crenna if nothing … … … … … a … on her, I will regret not stopping it for … rest … my life. She’s … my first … … just … mentor friend … a friend, and … … … want … protect …”, to Virika.

Virika hehs and says, “I was explaining to the one who asked–but now that you mention it…” She sighs, “Keep in mind, I am going off everything I’ve learned from wolves who’ve actually encountered her–I myself haven’t had the… unfortunate pleasure of dealing with her.” She takes a seat. “Tainn seems to be very good at deception. She has been given several chances at reform, and sometimes even seems to maybe desire it–but these usually end in death. She also has played injured, ill or mad–again, she could genuinely be so… but she hasn’t died yet.”

Virika adds coldly, “That’d be far too simple.”

Aliyah mumbles “… of … an offering for what … … not … befoe.”, to Virika.

Virika’s expression flickers at Aliyah’s words and she nods, replying quietly.

Indra mms softly.

Virika mumbles “… … … by the birds … … … able … … … and Dreygan to look … If they stick to Sted Cair, … … be safe.”, to Aliyah.

Caileana sits down as well, her ears perking. She says to Aliyah, “The sentiment is an admirable one, Aliyah, but the others are right, rushing in against such a powerful opponent alone is unwise. Trust me. I’ve been stupid enough to try it.”

Aliyah mumbles “They … not going … trust … … … … … heard? The birds claimed … … wolf … a … … … know Crenna … … … … wouldn’t … done …”, to Virika.

Virika blinks and looks disturbed. “What?!”

Glyn nods, his eyes darkening. “Is she wanted for crimes? Would she be imprisoned now if the Royals knew where she was/”

Aliyah nods. “The birds have been all a-chatter about the blind wolf killing another small she-wolf. It can’t be true. For that, I’d also like to check on her… make sure everything is okay.”

Virika shakes her head to clear her thoughts and looks to her brother, giving a firm nod. Her expression darkens, “Tainn was given mercy by Alden–and her treachery led to his death. She also led the weres into the Waste that killed Ryalt–and stole our bone pendant. She played a part in the death of one of Winterden’s first Alphas and led a were to their den–she even convinced them it was a friend!–Then she kidnapped and tortured Tempest.”

Mariae comes walking towards you from the east.

Caileana snorts loudly. “If you’re referring to that ridiculous bird-chatter, the notion is impossible. Crenna is incapable of defeating Dreygan in a single spar, I am fairly certain.” her expression darkens at Virika’s words.

Virika says, “Every time we’ve gone to bring her to justice, she escapes.”

Virika says, “She is wanted on more than one account of treachery and murder.”

Aliyah shoots a look at Caileana. “Fairly certain what? They are saying he killed a small she-wolf… Dreygan… That would be easy enouth. He is powerful.”

Caileana frowns. “Well, maybe I tuned them out after such a ridiculous claim, if that’s what they said. Either way, it’s improbable and absurd.”

Indra says, “It does seem unlikely.”

Pheeobe comes trotting towards you from the east.

Glyn frowns as he considers, ears flattened. “All of this means that there may be some virtue in confronting this threat stealthily. The Royals might prefer to capture and detain her.”

Aliyah puts her paw down firmly. “Bottom line. I want to check on her in spite of this… Tainn business… And make sure she is okay. she’s one of few friends I have, and to those I have, I am loyal to a fault.”

You say, “Perhaps further reason to act swiftly.” She eyes Aliyah, restraining a frown.

Virika grunts and glances at Caileana and Aliyah, “Look, we all care for those down there–but by the time they get down there, Tainn could be on the move again! She has a taste for blood–but her targets tend to be leaders. And she never directly kills them. She’ll… play around first. Lull them. I agree with my bro–with the Sub Commander here. We need to act carefully and by stealth. I’m sure even tho Tempest goes down there, she won’t immediately confront Tainn–not after her experiences.”

Aliyah notes Caileana’s attempt at restraining the frown and looks away, ears flicking. ‘I know what I want and what I have to do’, she thinks.

You say, “She gave me her word that she wouldn’t.”

Virika says, “Maybe… a member of the guard can be sent to Crenna and Dreygan–or something…”

Virika says, “If we rush down there, we will only be putting ourselves at risk.”

Virika gives Aliyah a particularly meaningful look at this.

Caileana exhales. She nods.

Aliyah’s muscles ripple throughout her body. “No. I will go. They don’t trust th
ose they don’t know.”

Glyn eyes Virika and shoots her a smile. “Yes, a messenger. If we can spare him, perhaps Skarlieth might suit. Unless we can get one of the songbirds sooner.”

Virika tenses and sighs, “They know Skarleith don’t they? And he could easily reach them in a day…”

Indra says, “Perhaps a quiet patrol… yes, some of the more discreet birds can begin an alert.”

Aliyah says, “To an extent.”

You say, “It would be a start…”

“Skarlieth is *well* trusted,” Glyn says firmly. “And he’s not the only choice either.”

Pheeobe walks out of the den, her ears perked at the sound of familiar voices. However, realizing that now is not a time for smiles, she quietly seats herself by Caileana and goes quiet.

Aliyah looks at them before heading elsewhere, perhaps to think… perhaps to do more. Either way, she is uneasy at all this.

Aliyah trots east on to the rock path.

Glyn mumbles “… … watch out for her? … don’t … what she … do.”, to Virika.

Virika sighs and looks after her, frowning.

Virika mumbles “I … … I … she runs. … stubborn … …”, to Glyn.

Caileana nods to Pheeobe, giving the Tenderfoot a tight smile.

Glyn nods to his sister and sighs.

Indra glances after Aliyah. “Perhaps I should follow…”

Virika mumbles “… have shielded her … best … … from … consequences. I … this time … she runs.”, to Glyn.

Virika looks to Indra and nods nervously.

Glyn grunts and murmurs back.

Indra says, “Very well. I’ll hear what you decide later.”

Indra trots east on to the rock path.

Glyn mumbles “… will … … … … of … I just … … … … … …”, to Virika.

Glyn finally notices Pheeobe as if she just appeared out of thin air. “Pheeobe!”

Virika nods, shifting.

Caileana swipes at the ground in a futile bit of frustration.

Virika mumbles “I do … think … could … this … … … back. … … … … her, … worse.”, to Glyn.

Pheeobe glances around at everyone, taking in their expressions. Her eyebrows fold for a moment before Glyn says her name. She gives him a small smile but it goes away quickly as she points her muzzle to where Aliyah left. “Is Aliyah okay?”

Glyn shakes his head. “I don’t know.” He looks after her. Then he stands. “I should go. The Commander must be informed, and we should speak with Drune and Skarlieth as soon as possible.”

Caileana sighs. “Remains to be seen,” she tells Pheeobe. “May I come, Glyn? I want to see if I can at least catch Drune before he leaves.”

Virika nods to Glyn. She sighs and looks to Pheeobe, “At the moment she’s okay.”

Pheeobe shakes her head and sighs. “Kind of a silly question I guess…” She says this more to herself than anyone else. After a moment she looks back up and nods to Glyn and Caileana.

Virika’s expression softens, “I think it’s a nice one.–And an appropriate one, all things considered.”

Glyn turns back, an ear folded. “I agree,” he adds with a smile. “Forgive me, Pheeobe, I’ll return as soon as I can. Caileana, you’re welcome to come, but I might need some words in private too. You understand?”

Caileana nods after Virika’s second statement. “Understood. That’s why I asked.”

Pheeobe smiles back at Glyn and Virika appreciatively. “No rush of course.”

Glyn takes a few steps toward the woods, waiting for Caileana to join him.

(some time later, after a non-rp’d scene with Petraverd)

Gathering Circle
What a sweet place you have wandered to. The forest trees here are scattered across a soft meadow of heather and wildflowers, and the sun dapples the ground through the leaves above. This is a wide section of earth, and it seems to be a gathering place–indeed, there is a ring of stones in one side of the open clearing where it seems fires have been built over many nights. To the south, a worn path leads to the Caldron Pool and the waterfall that feeds it. You can also see a path leading west toward the cliff-face. To the east the path leads into the deeper forests of Lantern Waste.
You can go: Clearing <N>, Into Lantern Waste <E>, Caldron Pool <S>, Base of the Cliffs <W>
Contents: A wolf with grizzled coat and emerald eyes (Glyn).

Glyn trots into the clearing at a brisk pace, and immediately begins sniffing around the bases of the trees and peering into the branches.

Caileana follows, keeping up at an easy lope. She twitches her nose and waits to follow Glyn’s lead.

Glyn pulls back from his rooting about, snorting. He gives his shoulders a shake and turns about. “Not even any night birds.”

Caileana sighs. “Shame,” is all she says.

Glyn grunts, then looks about before sitting. “Well, this is the best place. Perhaps we should wait a bit and keep our eyes out.”

Adara arrives from the east.

Caileana nods, just slightly. “Sounds fair.” She sits down but has barely been sat down when she’s up again, pacing around the edges of the Circle.

Glyn peers at the she-wolf with concern. “You know Drune is a strong wolf, Cail…”

Adara slips through the grass from patrol.

Caileana sighs, slowing her movements but not stopping them. “I know. I won’t do anything rash, I promise. But that doesn’t mean it sits well. Tainn is a strong wolf too – stronger, from the sound of it.”

Glyn’s ears flick as he turns to notice Jana’s arrival. “Ah, Adara. Have you seen Drune?”

Adara says, “Not since morning.”

Glyn blows a breath. “Thank-you. Sorry, Adara, well met.”

Caileana nods to Adara. She comes back over to Drune, making more of an effort to collect herself, and sits down properly this time.

Adara asks, “Ain’t got to be formal with me. What did you need him for?”

Glyn says after a pause, “I hear he wished to speak with me about an urgent matter that must be resolved tonight. Apparently, Tainn has been spotted in the Great Woods. We are trying to decide on a response.”

Caileana side-eyes Glyn at the decidedly formal first sentence before nodding.

Adara frowns. “Tempest’s the best person to talk to about Tainn.”

Drune arrives from the west.

Glyn tilts his head at Jana’s words. “So I hear. I would very much like to speak with her, but she has already left to help her pack.”

Caileana nods again. Apparently, tension makes her untalkative.

Adara says, “Well, Tainn’s sneaky, but she’s not all that powerful. She cowed to Raistlana and me easy enough.”

Glyn’s ears prick at this pronouncement. “Indeed? I had heard she was crafty, but formidable…”

Drune pads quickly towards the group, following a scent. Catching sight of them, he quickly closes the distance, barking in greeting.

Adara says, “I think she’s sick in her brain.”

Caileana looks a little skeptical at Adara’s first statement, but her ears stand straight up at Drune’s bark. She whips her head in his direction and manages a smile.

Adara says, “And he comes at the call.”

Glyn’s attention is immediately distracted by Drune’s arrival too. He stands and replies to Jana, “Thank-you, Adara. If we could speak about this more later, I would be grateful. I would like to know everything we know of her.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “Sure.”

Drune dips his head to the three quickly, eyes then locking on Glyn. “Subcommander… I presume you have been informed of the incident in the Great Woods. ”

Glyn nods gratefully to Jana and then turns to face Drune. “Indeed,” he replies with a forced smile. “I’ve heard some snatches, but would hear from your mouth too while we can.”

Caileana remains quiet and straight-faced, though it’s clear from her eyes that she is still anxious.

Drune nods. “Of course… ” he returns before launching into his story. “I was approached by a Leopard last night whom had come directly from the Great Woods. She recounted seeing something of what she originally thought was a spar. Upon further inspection she found a resident of the Woods bleeding and quite injured and Tainn seemingly being the root cause of this. Unfortunately, I know little more then that. ”

Glyn tilts his head. “I had heard the name Sigyn… is that who we should talk to for more? And you make it sound like Tainn has been spotted, but there is as yet no proven criminal action on her part. Is that right?”

Adara crosses her arms over her stomach as she listens.

Caileana shoots Glyn a small frown at the reiterated statement from earlier, but otherwise says nothing.

Drune nods slightly. “Sounds about right. Though, Tainn, from what I heard was the cause of this resident’s injuries. ”

Glyn nods. “So, what do you propose should be done?”

Drune frowns slightly, his tail twitching. “I think the problem should be dealt with quickly. Tempest is already on her way down to Winterden. ” his frown deepens. “I would like to say it is as simple as driving her out of the Woods… though, that simply leaves her as a problem for other Narnians. ”

Glyn studies the wolf a moment. “I have heard that you and Skarlieth wish to join… Winterden’s new Alpha.”

Adara starts to say something in reply to Drune, then looks surprised at Glyn’s words and glances between them.

Drune nods firmly. “It has been my intention… Though, I had hopes for the guards backing on this matter.”

Glyn takes a breath. “You do. I have discussed the parameters with the Commander. First, understand that we stand ready to help Winterden and the Great Woods, but we almost must keep the northern border secure. To know how best to help, we need solid intelligence of what’s really going on down there. So, you and Skarlieth have one month of leave. Leave as soon as you can, and have Skarlieth report back here with a proper situation report after you have spoken with Winterden and with the Royals, which I assume you will do immediately upon arrival. We need to understand the threat, how you intend to contain it, and what help you need.”

Drune dips his head to Glyn. “My thanks, Subcommander. I shall report back with my findings as soon as there is an opportune moment and their majesties /will/ be informed.”

Adara tugs at the end of a strand of hair, her tongue running over her teeth as she listens.

Caileana shifts slightly, glancing between Drune and Glyn.

Glyn nods. “You understand the need for caution and stealth in this sort of mission, so I shan’t belabour the point. Be safe, both of you.”

Drune nods once more. “Of course, subcommander. You have my thanks… I shall be setting off immediately. ” he returns, eyes then flickering between Jana and Caileana. ” Aslan be with you both… ” he offers, eyes lingering on Caileana a moment longer before he looks back to Glyn, awaiting his dismissal.

Glyn dips his head. “I hope you find your pack safe and sound. Good luck.” He glances to Caileana as well and clears his throat. “Dismissed.”

Adara says, “…Safe journey.”

Caileana looks between Drune and the others and then gets to her paws and pads over to Drune before he can take off. She noses his shoulder and says something in an undertone.

You mumble “Listen, I know things have been…unclear lately. Just…come back in one piece, okay? That’s an order.”, to Drune.

Caileana mumbles “… … … … … been…unclear lately. … … … one piece, … … an order.”, to Drune.

Drune nods to the three once more before beginning to turn, pausing at Caileana’s words. A small smile appears as she finishes. He nods slowly. “Will do… Stay safe. ” he returns, smiling a bit wider before bounding off and into the night.

Adara’s nostrils draw together.

Drune trots south.

Caileana’s expression grows unreadable as Drune bounds away.

Glyn watches Caileana, ear folded a little sadly.

Adara glances between them. “Well, sounds like you don’t need me after all,” she says, as if to go.

Caileana shakes herself and sits down, seeming to draw into herself.

Pheeobe paws her way into the circle, holding a rabbit in her mouth and breathing heavily. Spotting the others, she stops and puts the rabbit into her satchel, before walking to her packmates.

Glyn smiles to Pheeobe and nods. “Oh, Adara, apologies. Please, do tell us what you can about this threat.”

Adara says, “Well it’s not much threat to us given she’s so far south.”

Adara says, “Doesn’t seem very useful to discuss it further given D

Caileana snaps to attention at Pheeobe’s arrival, and gives a reasonably believable smile to the Tenderfoot.

Glyn shakes his head. “They are going anyway, and need to be with their families at this time, and plus, we need the information. What I’m more concerned about is what might happen next, and before we face that, I think we should know everything we can.”

Pheeobe lifts an eyebrow to Caileana’s smile at first, but then puts on her own smile. She sits, returns the smile to Glyn, and wraps her tail around herself.

Caileana lets out a near-silent sigh at Glyn’s mention of ‘family’.

Adara shrugs. “She reckons on being a mother, but she’s got something wrong in her head. Probably werewolves as did it. It weren’t much to beat her between me and Raistlana, but we was only trying to get Tempest away. Mostly its that she’s unpredictable. To herself, too, I figure. She thinks she’s the good guy.”

Glyn frowns. “I see. So what would be our best course to contain and capture her? I would guess that is the Royals’ desire.”

Adara asks, “Tackle her and tie her up? Isn’t that the usual route?”

Pheeobe looks confused but doesn’t say anything. She just looks between Caileana and Glyn.

Caileana listens to the conversation silently.

Glyn looks puzzled. “If that’s the case, why do so many see as such a threat?” He looks around the faces.

Adara says, “Like I said. She’s unpredictable. That scares folk. They want to feel bad for her cause she thinks she cares, instead of just taking care of the problem neat and clean.”

You say, “From what I’ve heard, she’s wily, which is it’s own kind of threat.”

Glyn says, “Hmm. Well, that’s potentially good news, so long as they are properly cautious. And I’m sure they will be.”

Adara glances at the incoming wolf as if she’s not entirely comfortable with this conversation going on so publicly.

Pheeobe looks to Jana and smiles warmly, not feeling to comfortable herself.

Caileana hmms and looks skeptical.

Glyn sighs. “Well, the news will be all over the Waste tomorrow, so there’s not much use in being secretive. We should be ready to answer questions. That’s probably something to tackle tomorrow.” He smiles over at Pheeobe in a way to communicate firmly that she is welcome.

Pheeobe burst out a little. “What news? Is this about Tempest?”

Adara says, “I don’t think she’s actually so clever. Just tricks herself which makes others tricked by her.”

Caileana says to Pheeobe, “It’s about Tainn, actually. She’s…” Caileana sighs.”It’s a long story.”

Glyn hmms. “I can see why that would make her dangerous, if you cannot even depend on her acting rationally.” He looks to Pheeobe to explain, “Tainn has caused much harm in the past to our friends both here and in the Great Woods. And she was recently spotted a night or so ago in the Great Woods, according to a vague report from a leopard in the area. Tempest has gone back to help, and the guard has sent Drune and Skarlieth to aid and report the situation on the ground.”

Caileana nods. “Yes, that.” She suddenly looks exhausted.

Adara crosses her arms over her stomach again.

Pheeobe eyebrows knit together. “That is not good….I am sure that everything will be sorted out though…” She looks a little unsure about this but doesn’t comment further.

Glyn shakes his head. “I’m not yet convinced that the report is substantial, but we’ll treat it as such until we know more.” He looks to Jana. “Adara, your past experience with Tainn may prove invaluable in the days ahead. I will bear that in mind when the reports come back and we consider our next moves.”

Adara says, “Yeah, well. Meantime, I got a home to see to.”

Glyn studies Jana a moment and then nods. “Of course. Good evening.”

Glyn gets to his paws. “I should go too, as a matter of fact. Petraverd will be giving a formal report to the herd dominant, and I need to do the same with the Alphas.”

Pheeobe sighs. “I think I will head back too.” She looks to Caileana. “Want to head back too?”

Adara lifts a hand. “Good night, then.”

Caileana nods. “I think…that would be for the best.”

Caileana dips her head to Adara.

Glyn nods. “Together then,” he says to his packmates. “Goodnight, Adara!”