Nieve’s Following and Memorial Plans

Practice List Cavern
This cavern is considerably smaller than the others, but it has the same rough-hewn appearance that reveals it’s dwarf-carved origin rather than a natural one. Some lanterns hang here to illuminate the cavern, their flames casting a flickery orange-green glow that dances on the stone walls and ceiling. The chamber is approximately round, and at the center of the room there are several wooden boxes set up, around which you can see the remnants of straw and torn burlap. At the distant end of the room, Chinafar the dwarf sits with a thick needle and twine, sewing more targets together for patrons to use for practice.
You can go: Main Cavern <N>
Contents: A son of adam with dark hair and sparkling green eyes (Kiyon); A wolf with a slight limp (Pheeobe); A wolf with untrusting and piercing eyes
(Aliyah); An eagle with a crested head (Skarlieth); An unicorn stallion with a marred flank (Petraverd); and Chinafar.

Petraverd asks, “How are you this evening, Pheeobe?”

Skarlieth meets Kiyon’s gaze with one bright eye briefly before giving a slow blink and looking back at the speakers.

Aliyah twitches her tail as the cavern becomes more crowded. She looks around, feeling uncomfortable and begins heading towards the exit. As she goes, she bumps into some of them… nearly steps on Skar’s tail. “Sorry… I need to get out of here… get some air.”

Petraverd nods toward Aliyah. “A good eve to you, then. Oh, and I had a message I was asked to pass on to you, too, when you’ve a moment.”

Aliyah turns at Petraverd’s last comment. “Go ahead. I’ll hunt in a minute…”

Caileana comes padding into the Practice List.

Petraverd gestures out of the cavern. “I’ll walk you out, in that case.” He glances to the others. “Won’t be but a minute.”

Skarlieth shifts out of the way as Aliyah passes, then takes another step back as Petraverd speaks and Aliyah responds. He nods toward Caileana as she comes in.

Pheeobe watches Petraverd and Aliyah leave.

Petraverd trots north.
Aliyah leaves, following Petraverd.

Kiyon exclaims, “Greetings, Caileana!”

Caileana dips her head to Aliyah and Petraverd as they pass. “Good evening, all,” she says as she pads towards the remaining group.

Skarlieth examines Caileana for a moment after he greets her, then casts a glance around the rest. “Forgive me, but I fear that there is a matter I must attend to… fair winds to you all, and a quiet night.” He half-bows again to the group as a whole.

Kiyon bows his head, “Take care, Skarlieth. I hope we’ll talk again soon.”

Caileana blinks slightly under the examination, but she nods to Skarlieth. “Take care then.”

Pheeobe smiles up at Skarlieth. “Good evening.”

Petraverd arrives from the main cavern to the north.

Skarlieth nods briefly toward Kiyon before exiting the cavern at his slow grounded pace.

Skarlieth walks north.

Caileana moves to sit down beside Pheeobe.

Petraverd bobs a nod to Skarlieth as he passes by the Eagle on his way back in, then another toward Caileana.

Kiyon moves slowly over near Petraverd as he enters and turns to face the wolves. “It’s good to see you. I hope everything is well with the pack and training?”

Pheeobe nods. “Everything is going well with training.” She looks to Caileana for pack news.

Caileana smiles at the other Wolf. “Yes, Pheeobe continues to do quite well. And as for the pack, nothing much to report there, I’m afraid. Nieve has been allowed outside the den at least a few times now, though. We all finally got to meet her.”

Petraverd’s ears perk at this rather noticeably. “Indeed? And how /is/ she doing?”

Kiyon looks as interested as his Unicorn companion as he listens.

Pheeobe smiles. “Well, she is as cute as a button and she is very brave.”

Caileana chuckles. “Bold as both her parents, that’s for sure. Doesn’t seem shy at all.”

Petraverd grins. “Well, I do admit I hardly find that surprising.”

Glyn arrives from the main cavern to the north.

Kiyon smiles a bit. “I suppose that’s to be expected, then. You know Eirwyn and Nevarre better than myself, though.”

Caileana nods a bit. “Yes, I expect she’ll have a bright future, that one.”

Petraverd chuckles. “Also somewhat to be expected, I think. Nieve, much like Quicksilver, will by no means be lacking for love.”

Pheeobe nods to this. “Especially with Virika around too.”

Caileana smirks. “Not just Virika. That pup has a whole pack ready to love on her.”

Petraverd smirks himself, twitching his tail. “Not just a pack, either.”

Glyn appears silently at the cavern entrance where he pauses to let his eyes adjust.

Kiyon chuckles again. “Well, she has been the talk of the Waste for sometime now hasn’t she?”

Pheeobe nods. “Since I have been around.”

Caileana points her nose in the air in exaggerated fashion. “As it should be.”

Petraverd rolls his eyes slightly, though he grins, and lets out a brief whinny toward the Wolf in the entryway.

Glyn’s ears lift at the acknowledgement, and he approaches the group, lowering his head first to the Unicorn and then the others in turn. “Good evening, all.” He quirks a smile. “Nieve’s following is growing in passion, I gather.”

Kiyon smiles as another wolf joins in, “Greetings, Subcommander. It’s good to see you.”

Pheeobe smiles at Glyn. “Hello! Of course the fan club is growing!”

Petraverd smirks slightly as he asks, “You expected otherwise?”

Caileana dips her head at Glyn and gives him a smile. “Hello Glyn. It doesn’t take much.”

Glyn chuckles as he seats himself. “I dread to think what might happen when she ventures farther from the den. Not even a yearling and yet the new royalty of the Waste.”

Petraverd flicks an ear. “Oh, I don’t know, Quicksilver handled it pretty well, I think. And with a mother like Eirwyn, chances are she’ll keep a level head about it all.”

You say, “I don’t imagine it will go over very well if she doesn’t…”

Pheeobe nods. “I am sure she will….”

Kiyon contents himself to listen for the time being. His gaze goes a bit distant while he keeps up with the conversation with a smile.

Glyn smirks at Caileana. “I’m sure that’s right.”

Petraverd says, “My point exactly.”

Pheeobe smiles at everyone and begins humming softly. She is content to stay quiet.

Caileana chuckles and nods.

Glyn just smiles as he observes Pheeobe. “Well, the mood seems a bit lighter this evening,” he observes as he looks around the circle.

Petraverd swishes his tail, grinning slightly. “Indeed it does.” The glance he gives Glyn might be indicative of something or another, though it might difficult to ascertain exactly what.

Kiyon blinks and shrugs, “Is there reason for it not to be? We’ve got the young ones to speak of and good company.”

Caileana hehs, a certain look of apprehension settling about her face and shoulders at Glyn’s comment. She shakes herself, and says in a tone that is just the slightest bit forced, “Well, I tend to agree with Kiyon. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be.”

Pheeobe looks at Caileana with a small smile.

Glyn matches Petraverd’s look a moment, his ear lifting curiously. At length, he smiles a bit wider and nods, turning back to Kiyon. “I couldn’t agree more.”

Petraverd’s glance flicks toward Caileana briefly, before looking back to the group as a whole. “Although there are more jovial locales for such a gathering than the training cavern. Since when has that ever stopped us, though?”

Caileana smirks. “I did think someone might be training when I came in here to find you lot.”

Glyn cants his head. “Should we leave that trainee in peace?”

Pheeobe looks around at everyone.

Petraverd jerks his head in an equine shrug. “If that’s what’s preferred.” He glances to Glyn, adding, “We should have a follow up to our last talk at some point, too.”

Glyn’s head straightens at the Unicorn’s comment. “Of course, whenever you need.”

Caileana blinks a bit at Glyn’s comment. “Not saying I object to conversation instead,” she protests mildly.

Kiyon seems to recall something and clears his throat softly, “As much as I would like to stay, I’ve some matters to attend to tonight. Please excuse me. A good night to you all.”

Petraverd bobs his head to Kiyon. “Yes, of course. A good eve to you as well.”

Kiyon walks north.

Pheeobe watches Kiyon leave. “So should we go somewhere else then?”

Glyn glances at Caileana, head tilting. “I apologize. I didn’t mean to suggest otherwise.”

Caileana gives a nod to Kiyon. She shrugs at Glyn in a ‘not really a big deal’ fashion.

Glyn nods to Caileana, watching Kiyon’s departure.

Petraverd shakes out his mane. “And how are you, Glyn? I take it you’ve been keeping busy lately?”

Glyn looks up at the Unicorn. “Indeed, although it’s been a fairly straightforward few days since my last report. All quiet on patrols, and we’ve been seeing to the last clean-up of the ruins. I believe that work is all but complete.”

Caileana’s ears perk slightly. “Well, that’s good news then.”

Petraverd smiles. “/Excellent/ news, even. I believe organizing a victory celebration of sorts might be in order, in the near future.”

Pheeobe nods and smiles at Glyn. She turns to Petraverd to ask, “Will the memorial be built soon then too?”

Petraverd nods a bit. “That’s the last step. I think some of the work’s already begun there, as it is?” He glances to Glyn for confirmation of this.

Caileana flashes her teeth in a grin. “Well, the Waste never complains about a party.” She glances to Glyn curiously at this news.

Glyn shares an awkward look with the Unicorn. “Well. The dwarves have pitched in to build the well. We have plenty of stone, but we need craftsmanship if we want it to last. As for the nymphs… I wasn’t sure who to speak to.”

Petraverd grins. “Leave that to me. I’ve got an in with the naiads, after all.”

Glyn looks relieved and nods. “And if we’re building a home for a naiad, it would be best if they had a say in its construction.”

Pheeobe nods. “I don’t think I have ever met one of these naiads.”

You say, “I guess I didn’t realize we were building a memorial as well. I might be slightly out of the loop.”

Glyn tilts his head at Caileana. “I see. Well, the entire ruin will become a memorial in a sense, since we never want to forget. I suppose we should spread the word a bit more broadly about the plans for the courtyard, though, as there will be a solemnization that everyone should feel welcome to attend.”

Caileana nods a bit. “Reckon that’s what I figured – the ruins themselves would stand as a memorial. A well sounds nice, though.”

Petraverd nods in agreement with Glyn. “A well and a small garden, with both a dryad and a naiad to keep watch and serve as a reminder of rebirth. We’ll have a dedication proper once it’s all finished.”

Pheeobe nods. “It sounds like a beautiful reminder.” She smiles a bit brighter. “A party also seems…like tons of fun!”

Glyn chuckles at Pheeobe. “A party? Well… I suppose that is rather the point, although I hadn’t considered how to make it fun.”

Petraverd says, “A matter for Tumnus’ aid, I think. Nobody knows how to celebrate better than Fauns.”

Pheeobe laughs. “We should ask him!”

Caileana nods in agreement with Pheeobe’s comment. She grins a bit at Petraverd before saying a bit wryly, “These things always seem to go…interestingly…here.”

Glyn grins and tilts his head at Caileana’s comment, bemused. “What do you mean by that?”

Pheeobe looks at Caileana.

Caileana blinks as though she was not expecting to be called out on that statement. “Well…just…interestingly, that’s all.” There is a pause before she blusters slightly, “After all, I did win /this/ last time we had a party.” She points her nose at the chain around her neck and smirks.

Petraverd smirks, flicking his tail. “Don’t get your hopes up for a second, though, I don’t think a tournament is in the works for /this/ particular celebration.”

Glyn barks a laugh. “Oh, I don’t know, though, Commander. I’ve been looking for a rematch opportunity for months now…”

Pheeobe laughs a bit. “I would love to see a really good spar!”

Caileana snorts slightly. “I doubt I could win two in a row. Still partially convinced this one was a fluke, to be honest.”

Glyn’s eyes sparkle as he replies, “Every battle is half chance and half talent. Never forget the second part, Scout.”

Petraverd glances among the Wolves, flicking an ear thoughtfully. “Hm. I wonder… perhaps we can go about things from a different angle. Glyn, bring it up to me again in a few days, let me let this simmer for a bit.”

Caileana rolls her eyes at Glyn and gives him an amused grin. “I don’t believe in talent, Scout. I believe in training and preparation.” She puts an emphasis, teasingly, on the word ‘Scout’.

Pheeobe smiles at Petraverd but is content to stay quiet again.

Glyn grins. “You know what I meant.” Glancing to the Unicorn, he nods, ear flicking with interest. “Certainly.”

Petraverd glances between Caileana and Glyn, eventually saying lightly, “Oh, enough with the banter and just have at each other already.”

Caileana glances at Petraverd and blinks a few times.

Glyn laughs.

Petraverd returns Caileana’s glance with a tilted head. “What? Distracting witty banter is more /my/ tactic. You Wolves just dive right in without all the dancing around, spar-happy as you tend to be.” He grins.

Glyn gets to his feet, all toothy grin, and gives Caileana a friendly bump to the shoulder. “Another time, perhaps. I do have a patrol soon, as it turns out.”

Pheeobe frowns at this. “Well, have a good patrol.”

Caileana snickers. “I think you’re confusing Glyn for Drune, Petra.” She gives Glyn a smile. “All right. But he’s right, we ought to have a spar at some point. Been a while.”

Petraverd eyes Caileana. “We talking about the same Glyn here? Because the one /I/ know is always eager for one, and likes to get right to it when one’s impending.” He dips his head toward the Glyn present, with a grin. “A good eve to you, then. Safe patrols.”

Glyn chuckles and dips his head to Caileana. “Far too long.” He lowers his head to Petraverd. “Thank-you, Commander.” Noticing Pheeobe’s expression, he hesitates before dipping his head to her too. “Good night, Tenderfoot.”

Pheeobe says, “Goodnight.”

Caileana tips her head at Petraverd and grins a bit. She shrugs. Glancing between Pheeobe and Glyn for a moment, she looks thoughtful.

Pheeobe nods at Glyn in return and as she does her smile returns.

Glyn’s ears lift a little as he returns the smile. He nods once more and turns to pad off.

Glyn trots north.

Petraverd watches Glyn pad off, tail swishing all the while.

Caileana does the same, her gaze eventually returning to study Pheeobe discreetly.

Pheeobe watches Glyn leave for a bit and her smile dims a tiny bit.

Caileana nudges Pheeobe. “All right, Pheeobe?”

Pheeobe looks up at Caileana with a bit of a surprised look. “Yeah I am fine.”

Petraverd glances between the Wolves, flicking an ear but refraining from comment for the time being.

Caileana nods and lets the matter drop. She turns back to Petraverd. “So how are you going to go about finding a naiad and a dryad for this memorial you’re planning? I confess I don’t know much about how these things work.”

Petraverd flicks an ear. “Like I said, I have an in with the naiads. Finding the time to have a chat with Easanyn over the matter shouldn’t be too difficult.”

Caileana nods slightly and grins. “Must be handy.”

Pheeobe looks up at the sky. “Well I should also head out.

Caileana gets to her paws. “I need to be getting back to the den myself.”

Petraverd nods. “A good eve to you both, then.”

Pheeobe nods to Petraverd.

Caileana dips her head. “Take care, Petraverd.” She glances to Pheeobe before leading the way out.